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April 30 - May 1, 2018

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United States Military Academy Graduate with a Master's in Management and Leadership


Lean Six Sigma Certification | In Progress

Project Management Professional Certification | 2018

Master of Arts, Management and Leadership | 2012
Webster University, St. Louis, MO

Bachelor of Science, Systems Engineering | 1999
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY


United States Army | 2010 - Present

Brigade Executive Officer | 2016 - Present
Fort Benning, GA

  • Managed all internal and external resources to accomplish the initial training of 15,000 entry-level employees per year. Directed a cross-functional staff of 22 employees, including 13 unionized employees, to develop training and distribute resources to five subordinate Battalion organizations. Evaluated four direct reports.
  • Managed the staff to determine requirements, acquire resources, and schedule Human Resources, resulting in the successful training of 15,000 entry-level employees in 2017.
  • Authored policies that improved processes and enabled the successful integration and training of the first female Infantrymen.
  • Expanded and refined organizational standard operating procedures (SOPs). Designed SharePoint repository for the new SOPs, resulting in increased access by employees and increased adherence to standards.
  • Scheduled, resourced, and led onboarding plan for junior managers to ensure talent development. A Department of the Army Inspector General recognized my mentoring procedures as a US Army "Best Practice." Successfully reduced deficits of experience in 37 junior managers.
  • Led a team of engineers to develop a standardized test site and equipment to accommodate new organizational requirements for High Physical Demands Testing.

Battalion Executive Officer | 2015 - 2016
Fort Benning, GA

  • Second in command of an organization that provided entry-level training to 4000 new employees per year. Led 13 cross-functional staff members to support human resource requirements, logistical support, and training of each new employee while supporting a training cadre of 140 personnel within six subordinate Companies. Evaluated and provided mentoring to two union direct reports.
  • Optimized organizational processes, resulting in continuous improvements in production of new employees.
  • Developed and implemented an organizational inspection program to ensure compliance with Government policies and local regulations. Achieved 40% gains in compliance over previous annual inspection results.
  • Directed and mentored junior managers in six subordinate companies to ensure synchronization of efforts.
  • Ensured 140 cadre members completed annual certification requirements; maintained documentation of results.

Division Plans Officer | 2014 - 2015
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Directed and organized functional managers from multiple disciplines into teams to develop plans for the 101st Airborne Division, a 17,000-person organization. Deployed to an austere environment in Liberia, Africa, with Division Headquarters to contain spread of Ebola Virus.
  • Led a cross-functional team of engineers, logisticians, and operators in manufacturing comprehensive plans to provide humanitarian relief to the country of Liberia.
  • Planned strategic deployment operations for future forces, planned rightsizing of our own organization, planned our facility closure plan during our redeployment activities, and planned contingency plans to mitigate the risk of continued Ebola expansion in Western Africa.
  • Planned a deliberate organizational rehearsal which synchronized all internal and external stakeholders involved in the facility closures and redeployment of the organization.
  • Formulated and presented weekly information presentations to executive leadership.

Battalion Operations Officer | 2014
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Planned, coordinated, resourced, and executed individual and collective training for an 815-employee Infantry Battalion to ensure wartime mission was accomplished. Managed daily operations.
  • Developed and published an annual training guidance to ensure optimization of resources as companies progressed towards annual objectives. Developed Work Breakdown Structure to accomplish objectives.
  • Planned and led mission rehearsals for all operations involving more than one subordinate company.
  • Managed specialized training of subordinate leaders to ensure employees received job-enhancing skills during a time that was most beneficial to overall success of the organization.
  • Integrated new equipment fielding and training into schedules of six subordinate companies.
  • Orchestrated an operations center to conduct Crisis Management operations.

Battalion Executive Officer | 2013 - 2014
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Second in command of an Infantry Battalion consisting of 815 employees during stability operations in Afghanistan and during reset operations on Fort Campbell.
  • Managed all supply chain operations, logistics, human resources, and operations to ensure accomplishment of strategic goals.
  • Simultaneously directed projects in Afghanistan and Fort Campbell through Video Teleconference In-Progress Reviews, resulting in the successful completion of multiple complex problems.
  • Conducted high-level personal communication engagements with the Afghan Governor of Nangarhar Province, resulting in synchronization of US Army efforts with the host nation.
  • Led the transfer of three US facilities valued at over $10M to foreign partners. Synchronized removal of US sensitive equipment valued at over $12M from those three facilities back to the US.
  • Post-deployment, managed reset of over 2500 pieces of equipment and ordered over $500K worth of parts which restored equipment to an optimal condition for future operations.
  • Revised personnel and maintenance systems based upon lessons learned and changes within the environment.
  • Led interviewing and hiring of competitive company junior managers.

Brigade Plans Officer | 2012 - 2013
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Developed all plans for a 2000-Soldier Air Assault Infantry Brigade during preparations for deployment and then during deployment to Afghanistan. Drove planning process and managed the functional managers from multiple disciplines to ensure plans were complete and synchronized.
  • Synchronized internal and external resources to ensure resources could interface properly and provide the most effective integration with the organizations they supported.
  • Planned a seamless assumption of business processes from a larger organization; risk mitigation measures resulted in transfer of 5000 employees without negative impact to concurrent operations.
  • Led execution of assessment process to quantify results of operations and then implemented process improvements based off those results to increase effectiveness and safety.

Aide de Camp to Director | 2010 - 2011
Fort Monroe, VA

  • Executive Aide to an Army 3-Star General (one of only 52 similar positions in the 580,000-Soldier Active Army).
  • Traveled to technology producing customers with Director at least three days out of every week, including international trips to validate requirements.
  • Performed all administrative functions for Director during these trips, to include scheduling meetings, travel, lodging, and meal arrangements.
  • Researched and prepared technical information packets to assist Director's preparation for Strategic engagements. Provided executive briefs to Director daily.
  • Screened petitioners and scheduled meetings with Director, based upon his intent.