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May 1 - 2, 2017

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USMC Aircraft Maintenance Officer Pursuing a Master's in Engineering


Master of Science, Engineering | Expected 2017
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering | 2007
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA


United States Marine Corps | 2009 - Present

Detachment East Side Lead | 2014 - Present
MCAS Cherry Point, NC

  • Act as Naval Air Technical Engineering Data and Service Center (NATEC) operational and administrative facilitator of mission essential tasks for 60 Navy and Contractor Engineering Technical Support representatives located at one major detachment, two field sites and five remote sites.
  • Provide liaison between the fleet and Naval Aviation Enterprise constituents.
  • Supervised and approved the travel for reps to conduct technical assistance on 79 different occasions to support Marine aviation across the US and while deployed.
  • Participated in a Maintenance Training Operational Planning Team as a training subject matter expert led by the Assistant Chief of Staff of the 2D Marine Air Wing Aviation Logistics Department.

Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer | 2013 - 2014
MCAS Beaufort, SC

  • Implemented, administered and evaluated all areas of maintenance training to an intermediate-level squadron composed of 500 Marines.
  • Responsible for the daily reporting accuracy of six F-18 squadrons and one F-35 squadron.
  • Supervised and coordinated administrative responsibilities between supply, ordnance and operations departments.
  • Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for performance as the Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer.
  • Effectively coordinated the preparation of 34 aircraft for three squadrons' overseas deployments.
  • Successfully completed Green Belt training.

Material Maintenance Control Officer | 2011 - 2012
MCAS Cherry Point, NC

  • Responsible for the performance and maintenance of 29 aircraft of an organizational-level squadron spanning six different platforms, while deployed to the Gulf of Aden.
  • Reviewed monthly maintenance reports to ensure effective use of personnel, equipment and facilities.
  • Provided measured and timely recommendations based on recent trend demands and experience in maintenance requirements.
  • Accurately reported the daily readiness of all 29 aircraft in support of combat operations.
  • Successfully coordinated the movement of 80 Marines and seven aircraft and required support equipment from the USS Iwo Jima to King Faisal Air Base, Jordan in support of a deployment exercise.

Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer | 2009 - 2011
MCAS Cherry Point, NC

  • Accountable for six AV-8B Harriers and 145 Marines while deployed to the Horn of Africa.
  • Responsible for the effective operation of an organizational-level squadron's Maintenance Training Program and Ground Support Equipment Training and Licensing Program.
  • Identified training shortfalls within the Maintenance Department and created courses of action to correct deficiencies.
  • Awarded a Certificate of Commendation for performance during an Aviation Logistics Management Team inspection.
  • Awarded as a Distinguished Graduate for the Expeditionary Warfare School Distant Education Program.
  • Coordinated the training and successful qualification of 22 personnel in 17 different maintenance courses.
  • Reviewed and endorsed the licenses of 227 personnel on 16 items of ground support equipment.
  • Managed the effective consolidation of the Task Force operation center into one centralized location in preparation for base closure and departure from Iraq while improving operation readiness.
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