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April 30 - May 1, 2018

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USMC Officer with an MBA


Project Management Professional Certification | In Progress

Master of Arts, International Affairs, National Security | 2008
Naval Postgraduate School | Monterey, CA

Master of Business Administration | 2002
Webster University, St Louis, MO

Bachelor of Science, Zoology | 1998
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH


Plant Manager, Steel Fabrication and Construction Company | 2017 - 2018
Coatesville, PA

  • Responsible for a team of 50 personnel and the daily processing and fabrication of structural steel in support of a myriad of customers and their projects in the United States and overseas.
  • Supervised the planning and execution of several fabrication projects to include American Dream which consisted of challenging handling and production.
  • Provided flawless high-quality products to all structural fabrication customers employing newly acquired technology.
  • Problem solved several challenges, overcoming multiple obstacles guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for the company's buildings and grounds and improved the work facilities, thus allowing expansion of the workforce and update of machinery.

United States Marine Corps | 1999 - 2017

Operations and Plans Officer for Logistics | 2015 - 2017
Norfolk, VA

  • Responsible for coordinating logistics and organizing deployments of United States forces into Latin America for several missions as well as North America for crisis response (destructive weather).
  • Planned and supervised the deployment of several large-scale crisis response forces into Latin America.
  • Supervised the establishment and execution of a rapid response logistical support plan and system (to include local and strategic distribution plans) for deployed forces in various nations with information technology tracking systems.
  • Established a program to allow returning forces to stage and restore their equipment for future rotations, saving thousands of dollars in transportation and sourcing.
  • Oversaw the establishment of diverse contracts in support of the deploying forces, to include contracting buildings and facilities, more specifically in Central and South America.

Land / Civil Military Operations | 2013 -2015
The Netherlands

  • Responsible for tracking, supervising and reporting all NATO and allied land operations in NATO's area of responsibility and interest in the Joint Operations Center (JOC).
  • Assigned as NATO's Joint Force Command Brunssum subject matter expert on the Syrian Civil War and respective refugee crisis, often briefing in Dutch, German, and Spanish.
  • Established links and executed collaborative work with civil authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in NATO's area of operations.
  • Tracked every allied and land operation during the Syrian and Ukraine crisis, to include Russian encroachments in the Baltic States.
  • Volunteered in Southeast Asian refugee camps with interaction with host nation authorities and NGOs

Commanding Officer | 2010 - 2013
Iwakuni, Japan

  • Commanded a unit of Marines in charge of providing logistics to units aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and crisis response in the Asia Pacific.
  • Commanded a unit of 200 Marines and Sailors, providing a 97% logistical readiness rate to supported units.
  • Commanded the first unit to respond to northern Japan's Tsunami crisis, providing initial humanitarian support to the affected population and evacuating over 2000 US citizens.
  • Managed over $2M of maintenance/supply funds and assets to support units in Japan establishing distribution logistics systems/forward warehouses for efforts deployed in the Asia Pacific.
  • Overall responsible for unit's safe cross-country transportation of personnel and assets in support of exercises in Japan and operations in the Asia Pacific.
  • Acted as primary instructor/consultant for the officer's expeditionary logistics aboard MCAS Iwakuni.
  • Acted as Senior Advisor/Consultant for the Deputy Commanding General of the Iraqi Oil Police while deployed in Baghdad, June 2011 - December 2011.
  • Assisted the Iraqi Oil Police in the establishment of contracts to support their deploying and training efforts throughout Iraq and neighboring countries.
  • Assisted the Iraqi Oil Police in the development of their 2012 and 2013 budget, annual operations and training plans.
  • Acted as Logistics Officer for NATO Training Mission Iraq; planned and sourced logistical requirements for an organization with members of 28 different nations to include air/ground support throughout Iraq.
  • Spearheaded the modernization and transition of the unit to a better facility which provided upgraded quality of support to customer units.

Foreign Area Officer | 2009 - 2010
Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Collected and reported intelligence in the remote regions of Southeast Asia.
  • Spoke three Southeast Asian languages, studied Islamic modernism and society in Indonesia and Myanmar.
  • Interacted on a daily basis with US Embassy personnel and hosted nation officials.
  • Volunteered in schools and orphanages teaching English and math.
  • Volunteered in the Indonesian countryside repairing irrigation systems and damaged buildings.

Plans and Operations Officer | 2002 - 2007
Okinawa, Japan

  • Planned and supervised operations of US Marine forces throughout the Asia Pacific to include exercises in Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines and Australia.
  • Managed budgets of over $1M in support of bilateral and multinational exercises per year.
  • Provided peace-keeping training and deployed Mongolian forces to Iraq in 2003.
  • Planned and executed the rapid response humanitarian assistance mission in the aftermath of the Philippines' Leyte mudslides in 2006; organized the evacuation of thousands of affected civilians and the delivery of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid.
  • Commanded the US Marine forces in the southern Philippines as part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force, leading civil-military operations to improve population welfare in hostile environments.
  • Acted as Commander and Primary Advisor of Iraqi forces, Wasit Province; developed Iraqi soldiers into cohesive units able to synchronize team level operations.
  • Acted as Wasit Province Local Coalition Coordinator for Iraq's 2005 parliamentary elections, leading to successful and peaceful elections.
  • Advised and consulted with Thai, Korean and Philippine battalion and brigade staffs in logistics, and joint staff planning and operations, thus capable to plan and operate complex bilateral missions.
  • Planned and executed dozens of international exercises and established hundreds of overseas contracts in Australia, Korea, Mongolia, and the Philippines.

Platoon Commander | 1999 - 2002
Yuma, AZ

  • Led a maintenance and transportation platoon in support of an air control squadron with exercise deployments throughout the western United States.
  • Managed thousands of dollars of maintenance and supply assets in support of the squadron, saving thousands of dollars in maintenance money as a result of alternative repair parts sourcing.