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August 27 - 28, 2018

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US Marine Corps Officer with Program Management Experience


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration | 2010
The Citadel, Charleston, SC


Consultant / Program Manager, Management and Information Technology Consulting Firm | 2015 - Present

  • Plan and manage Shipbuilding and Conversion Navy (SCN) program to meet product delivery, quality, and cost goals for the US Navy.
  • Strategize inputs for program execution to senior government clients and assist with the oversight of overall program-level execution for SCN.
  • Develop documentation and program briefings as well as provide assistance and advice to clients to ensure program goals are met.
  • Liaison between internal and external stakeholders to provide coordination of deliverables and ensure timely execution of shipbuilding and installation schedules.
  • Developed financial plans for the procurement of 14 communication systems across 25 Naval ships, allowing ship managers to accurately account for financials to ensure they were within budget and receiving the correct equipment and support.
  • Assess and prioritize the execution of weekly assessments of equipment deliverables to the naval shipyards to ensure installation deadlines are met.
  • Developed and implemented a master tracker for the Shipbuilding Conversion Navy Team to track all communication equipment to new ships in the United States Navy, resulting in 95% accuracy of assessing timelines of ship completion dates.
  • Created 14 semi-annual Performance Review Briefs, which were presented to the entire Communications and Ship Managers, outlining ship's productivity and allowing the US Navy to plan for future schedule and potential setbacks.
  • Assist in interviewing and hiring potential employees with military experience, ensuring the company hires motivated and highly qualified personnel who represent the company's mission and values.

United States Marine Corps | 2010 - Present

Operations Officer | 2017 - 2018

  • Civil Affairs Current Operations Officer in Charge responsible for the daily analysis of the battlespace and advising the commanding general of the local civilian population's effect on all military operations.
  • Directly supported Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces by authorizing 215 deliberate kinetic strikes by advising the Deputy Commanding General (CG) of Operations and Intelligence of ISIS's civil tactics and procedures on the local populous resulting in the fall of ISIS in Iraq.
  • Assisted in the shaping operations of Racca and Abu Kamal, allowing Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to advance ahead of Syrian and Russian forces, resulting in SDF's ability to seize terrain and surrounding oil fields.
  • Conducted and led Key Leader Engagements (interviews) in the Mosul area of operations, building reliable partnerships and gathering information of stabilization efforts of the GoI.
  • Earned the Joint Commendation Medal for time as the Operations Officer for developing and delivering weekly briefs to the Commanding General, a responsibility held for Majors and Lieutenant Colonels.

Senior in Command for the Direct Air Support Control Center | 2013 - 2015

  • Led a 12-person team in the Direct Air Support Control Center while directing operational plans and ensuring all logistical, maintenance and administrative needs were met during the retrograde of the Marine Corps from Afghanistan.
  • Worked cross-functionally with three foreign militaries to integrate aviation and artillery assets.
  • Led operations of Direct Air Support Center (DASC) for six months in support of combat operations within Regional Command Southwest, Afghanistan; enabled successful completion of 116 combat missions.
  • Collaborated cross-functionally with nine higher, adjacent, and joint command and control agencies; safely integrated aviation asset support with other fires in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
  • Managed and facilitated last 24 hours of air operations during closure of Camp Leatherneck, largest USMC base in Afghanistan; successfully and safely turned over combat operations to Afghan Army.
  • Planned and executed logistics for redeployment of 35 Marines and several million dollars' of communications equipment out of Afghanistan with full accountability; effectively ended Marines' campaign in Afghanistan.
  • Competitively selected for career designation, achieved by only 35% of junior Marine officers.

Squadron Training Officer | 2012 - 2013

  • Managed the training program/department for 310 Marines while stationed in Japan.
  • Developed and implemented training events to ensure readiness for deployments in South East Asia and Afghanistan.
  • Created and revised 28 training-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); standardized how Marines in the squadron would receive their training to ensure all Marines were trained at the same proficiency level.
  • Developed and implemented four squadron quarterly and two annual training plans; resulted in the squadron being 100% trained and operationally ready to deploy.
  • Earned the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal for developing standardized practices to ensure the squadron was deployable at a moment's notice.

Communication and Electronics Platoon Commander | 2010 - 2012

  • Led a 43-person team in Japan in the deployment, implementation and maintenance of communication equipment for the DASC throughout South East Asia.
  • Managed training and developed and mentored eight subordinate leaders.
  • Maintained and accounted for $5.2M of communication assets.
  • Developed and led three 15-member teams, promoting and rewarding professional and personal growth through the implementation of an education program.
  • Analyzed platoon's strengths and weaknesses daily; developed plans and strategies on training teams to improve performance and operational proficiency, resulting in 89% of equipment being operation ready at any given time.
  • Maintained and accounted for $5.2M of communication and electronic assets, including experimental Direct Air Support Centers airborne platform; insured the squadron equipment was maintained and accounted for to support deployments.