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Army IT and Communications Officer


Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice | 2009
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL


United States Army | 2009 - Present

Signal Systems Integration and Oversight Director | 2014 - Present
Fort Bragg, NC

  • As Battalion and Division Staff Officer, lead teams of 10 to 15 employees in various projects; ensure seamless productivity at every turn.
  • Initiated, planned, executed, monitored and closed over 10 multimillion dollar projects, including the construction of several communications networks and the implementation of new IT technologies across several states, in support of a 530-person organization.
  • Trained a small, elite, tactical team in the use of GATR satellite antenna systems, tactical voice bridges, tactical satellite radios and iridium phones for deployments to remote locations; team recognized as the best tactical communicators in the organization.
  • Served as the Primary Advisor to Senior Executives on all communications and electronic matters. Maintained and tested equipment, managed expectations, and monitored the status of equipment and projects; directly responsible for consistent readiness for tactical deployment within 18 hours.

Chief Information Security Officer | 2012 - 2014
Dongducheon, Korea

  • As Battalion Staff Officer, collaborated with cross-functional teams consisting of military and Korean IT professionals.
  • Led group training and professional development and managed daily workflow to accomplish objectives with speed and innovation; projects completed at a 20% faster rate.
  • Interacted with 650 business customers in the management of over 200 information systems. Proactively coordinated with architects, software engineers, technical leads and deployment leads to ensure strict compliance to Network Enterprise Center (NEC) policies without any major security breaches.
  • Ensured unused or dead-lined equipment was returned or utilized through the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office; saved the government over $128K in budget costs.
  • Monitored and controlled the deployment, maintenance, and expansion of the organization's switchboards, routers, transportable satellite receivers and end-user terminals through six major training exercises and daily operations; maintained a 98% connection to the Cloud.
  • Managed several classified and highly sensitive projects for a medium-sized organization with budgets often exceeding $2.5M; rendered all products and services without any violations, discrepancies or security breaches and far exceeded customer expectations.

IT Operations Manager/Advisor | 2009 - 2012
Ansbach, Germany

  • As Platoon Leader and Battalion Staff Officer, planned, resourced and executed missions in facilitation of 24-hour communications in direct support of the Brigade Headquarters.
  • Oversaw the training, safety, and wellbeing of up to 36 employees.
  • Planned, coordinated and managed mission-critical information technology operations and projects with an average budget of $2.5M for over 700 customers in an aviation maintenance organization. Conducted tactical operations in some of the most challenging environments on Earth.
  • Coordinated, assigned, managed and evaluated 21 radio, satellite, network, and computer engineers to ensure compliance with all branch, security, safety, and government regulations; recognized with a prestigious safety excellence award and unit excellence citation.
  • Organized and executed the lifecycle development plan for the Windows 7 upgrades including the expansion of over a dozen network switches with a 99% uptime; increased organization's footprint by 75% to encompass five new warehouse and maintenance sites.
  • Planned and coordinated logistical support for the relocation of $3M worth of equipment for an entire organization; completed relocation to and from theaters of operation in both Iraq and Afghanistan with zero losses.
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