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USMA Graduate; Army Infantry Officer


Bachelor of Science, Engineering Management | 2008
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY


Mortgage Banker / Outside Sales, Federally Chartered Bank | 2016 - 2018

  • Develop relationships and business partnerships with residential real estate agents to provide clients with the best home-buying experience possible.
  • Analyze current market trends, work with clients to understand current financial situation and future goals and evaluate various home mortgage products to deliver the most effective home financing option available.
  • Constantly seek new sales opportunities and business partnerships-relationship driven business model.
  • Partner with financial planners, insurance agents, and other finance professionals to maximize ability to meet all client needs.
  • Utilize numerous marketing strategies and social media campaigns to help realtors grow their business.

Land Project Manager / Land Acquisition and Development, Custom Home Builder | 2014

  • Strategically provided all operating areas with sufficient lot/land inventory to achieve company goals.
  • Produced lots and communities in an efficient manner while meeting cost, quality, scheduling and quantity goals.
  • Recruited, selected and managed consultants, brokers, developers, and trade partners to achieve company goals; developed relationships within this network to further market intelligence.
  • Pursued new projects in key strategic locations with a thoroughly developed knowledge of all submarkets and growth corridors.
  • Performed preliminary and in-depth market research, evaluated, and made recommendations on all new opportunities and acquisitions.
  • Established and maintained a "deal summary" log for all new potential land developments.
  • Established development budgets for new projects; reviewed drawings, engineering plans, and marketing plans; managed procurement of materials and contract bidding.

Project Manager, Natural Gas Business Unit; Energy Infrastructure Company | 2013

  • Managed and coordinated all project phases specifically related to interstate natural gas pipelines. Responsibilities included scope development, stakeholder analysis, estimating, regulatory compliance, environmental permitting, engineering design management, materials procurement, cost tracking, forecasting, contract bidding, construction, commissioning and closeout documentation.
  • Successfully completed a $300K, Gas Receipt Interconnect project that was assigned within the first two weeks of employment; typically reserved for project managers with at least five years of industry experience.
  • Utilized exceptional intrapersonal skills and influence derived from five years of leadership experience in the Army to develop an outstanding rapport with the customer and all other stakeholders.

United States Army | 2009 - 2013

Sub-National Outreach Leader | 2012 - 2013

  • Served as one of five American military attachments to a British-led strategic planning cell consisting of civilian political, cultural, sociological, intelligence, and law enforcement subject matter experts tasked with providing direct planning support to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander.
  • Volunteered for the assignment in response to a post-wide request and was one of three officers across Ft. Benning specifically selected by Major General H. R. McMaster for the mission.
  • Gained significant, real-world experience with joint service and interagency strategic-level planning on an international scale in a role normally reserved for an officer with 10-15 years of service and advanced schooling in operational planning.
  • Planned classified influence operations utilizing non-lethal targeting techniques learned as a Rifle Platoon Leader deployed to Kandahar the year prior directly impacting geopolitical events.

Company Commander | 2012

  • Serving as the Company Commander, led the training of roughly 400 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines per month through a three-week, high-risk training cycle to become proficient static-line parachutists for the Department of Defense. Oversaw and managed 25 junior and senior Non-Commissioned Officer Airborne Instructors.
  • Planned and executed 35 Airborne Drops with zero loss of life or serious injury.
  • Performed risk mitigation and enforced safety and good conduct standards resulting in the only company in the battalion to have zero Uniform Code of Military Justice incidents for students and cadre alike.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all property resulting in zero financial loss to the government.
  • Rated in the top 15% of peers.

Platoon Leader | 2009 - 2011

  • Performed the duties as Platoon Leader in a Combined Arms Battalion of the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) assigned to the Arghandab River Valley in support of Operation Enduring Freedom; responsible for 41 Infantry Soldiers, the planning, tactical decision making, and emplacement of all weapons platforms; conducted all maneuver, direct and indirect fire planning and coordination in support of full spectrum operations; responsible for the maintenance and property accountability of four M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and other mission essential equipment valued in excess of $20M; responsible for the health, welfare, and families of all soldiers in the platoon.
  • Developed a new standard operating procedure for conducting enemy weapons cache searches, clearance operations, and established tactical infrastructure that effectively denied 100% of former key terrain to insurgents.
  • Recruited, vetted, and trained an Afghan Local Police force and expanded the program by 300%.
  • Pursued the most extensive human terrain mapping effort in the company completing censuses for the two largest population centers in the area.
  • Planned and oversaw $1M worth of local construction and cash-for-work projects employing more than 100 disenfranchised Afghans.
  • Led over 250 combat patrols in one of the most volatile and dangerous regions of Afghanistan decreasing enemy activity by 80%. Awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge and the Bronze Star Medal.