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West Point Graduate with Industry Experience


Master of Science, Nuclear Science and Engineering | 2013
Idaho State University, Idaho Falls, ID

Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Engineering | 2005
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY


Reliability Engineer Team Leader, Leading Steel Maker | 2012 - Present

  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of the next generation reliability-centered maintenance program for a Hot Strip Mill processing 3.2 million tons of steel per year with approximately 10,000 assets.
  • Conduct root cause down time analysis utilizing predictive maintenance techniques, vendor knowledge, and employee subject matter experts.
  • Manage multi-discipline teams to improve asset reliability. Drive the maintenance practices from reactive and time-based preventative maintenance to 89% condition based.
  • Direct the implementation process by evaluating business processes and applying training, tools, or resources required to improve KPI compliance.

Nuclear Engineer Design Fellowship, R&D Organization for Advanced Space Nuclear Systems | 2011
Idaho Falls, ID

  • Part of a team developing a high performance, fast spectrum, bimodal nuclear thermal rocket engine for propulsion and power generation for space missions from low earth orbit to Mars.
  • Responsibilities included heat transfer, reactor, and system analysis. MCNP, Matlab, STAR-CCM +, and Solid-Works programs assisted analysis and model development.

Energy Research and Business Analyst Intern, Leading Non-Profit Research Enterprise | 2010 - 2011
Idaho Falls, ID

  • Performed a comprehensive analysis on the energy supply and demand for the state of Hawaii. Developed a strategic plan for the state of Hawaii to use new technology (next generation nuclear power plant designs and biomass conversion processes) to create jobs, increase energy reliability and self-dependence while reducing cost and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provided recommendations to the nuclear process heat design team.
  • Prepared presentations for Hawaii government officials and other stakeholders.

United States Army Officer | 2005 - 2012

Battalion Assistant Operations Officer S3 | 2010 - 2012
Idaho Falls, ID

  • Responsible for maintaining current information on the status boards and supervising the upkeep of the operations map overlay for the battalion.
  • Supervised the activities of the operations section and managed the tactical operations center in the absence of the Battalion Operations Officer.
  • Assisted the battalion operations officer in training, planning, and execution of battalion operations to standard.
  • Assisted the battalion staff with the production of operation orders.
  • Assumed the responsibilities of the Battalion Operations Officer in his absence.

Golf and Bravo Company Commander | 2009 - 2010
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

  • Company Commander of a unit responsible for the technical and combat training of 6,000 Soldiers annually.
  • Training disciplines included electricians, surveyors, engineer divers, and warrior tasks and battle drills. Consolidated two units with 60% of normal staffing levels while maintaining a high standard of training.
  • Managed and mentored 76 permanent staff who executed the mission of the unit. Accountable for equipment valued at $4M.
  • Provided direction and policy to fully accomplish the unit's mission. Continually evaluated unit's performance to ensure goals were achieved.

Battalion Maintenance Officer | 2008 - 2009
Mosul, Iraq

  • Managed the maintenance of over 500 pieces of equipment including complex construction machines during a high operational tempo.
  • Reduced the number of out of service vehicles from 10% to 2% during the deployed time. All maintenance operations of the subordinate units were successfully conducted without negative impact on the battalion's mission.
  • Managed acquisition of repair parts shipped from North America, so they arrived in a timely manner.
  • Reported directly to the Battalion Commander and worked closely with the Battalion Executive Officer.
  • Responsible for inspecting five subordinate companies to ensure their operations were running to standard.

Delta Company Commander | 2007
Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

  • Commander of a company tasked with training over 300 Soldiers per year as plumbers and linemen for the Engineer Regiment.
  • Responsible for training, safety and welfare of a 17-member staff and their families as well as 300 trainees.
  • Accomplished a record of zero safety incidents during tenure. Managed multi-discipline teams to work towards common goals set by company, battalion and higher levels in the command tree.

Training Officer | 2007
Tblisi, Republic of Georgia

  • Planned and implemented training for 120 Republic of Georgia Soldiers in combat engineering skills including explosives and urban combat.
  • Provided mentorship to the Georgian Officers as they prepared for a deployment to Iraq.
  • Planned, resourced and implemented a culminating field training exercise for 240 Soldiers to perform a final skill review before completing training.
  • Represented the United States Army with professionalism in a foreign country learning local customs and developing fruitful working relationships despite a language barrier.

Executive Officer | 2005 - 2007
Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

  • Responsible for the company's daily operations including logistics, administrative tasks, and training.
  • Second in command for the unit and advised the Commander on all issues.
  • Responsible for tracking inventory of sensitive military equipment and technology valued at $2M.
  • Reviewed and implemented recommendations from the after-action review process, resulting in continuous improvements of unit effectiveness.