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Navy Technician Pursing a Master's Degree in Cyber Security


  • Electronics Budgeting/Accounting
  • 3M Planning Hardware/Software
  • Solid State Devices
  • Communications Installation/Modification
  • Systems Analysis
  • Schematics
  • Microsoft 365
  • Personnel Management
  • RF Transmitters/Receivers
  • Power Supplies
  • Electrical Mainframe/Minicomputers
  • Engineering Data
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Supporting Software
  • Management/Leadership
  • Power Distribution
  • Test Equipment
  • Field Changes Installs/ORM
  • Multitasking Systems Upgrades
  • Corrective Maintenance


Assistant Manager, Second-Largest Pharmacy Chain in the U.S. | 2015 - 2016
Highland Park, IL

  • Managed four to 10 staff members to provide quality customer service, sell retail products, and restock inventory.
  • Maintained daily budgets, cost analysis, and cash reports.
  • Trained staff, built upon teamwork, and created a positive work environment.

United States Navy | 2005 - 2016

Leading Chief Petty Officer / ATT Student Liaison | 2014 - 2016
Great Lakes, IL

  • Directed operations at a technical training facility for 5,500 students annually.
  • Reviewed and approved Administrative paperwork processing student gains and separations.
  • Acted as Command Coordinator of the Reverse Sponsorship Program which ensures over 10,000 students make contact with gaining commands.

Leading Chief Petty Officer / Assistant, Trainer, Inspector | 2013 - 2014
Great Lakes, IL

  • Directed operations and work schedules for four staff members. Responsible for all 16 barracks, 250 staff members, and 10,500 new accession students who followed daily operations and maintained compliance with Command Instructions, Procedures, and Protocols.
  • Implemented over 10 new Command Instructions to follow.
  • Created and implemented five security and four emergency procedures; led to increased readiness at the command with zero safety mishaps during the annual Force Protection drill.

Leading Chief Petty Officer / Naval Master Training Specialist Instructor | 2012 - 2013
Great Lakes, IL

  • Directed operations and work schedules for five staff members and 220 students on a daily basis, achieving two individual and five organizational awards for the barracks.
  • Oversaw six successful semiannual OSHA inspections, resulting in 100% compliance with all safety rules and regulations.
  • Created and implemented five security and four emergency procedures; led to increased readiness at the command with zero safety mishaps during the annual Force Protection drill.

Leading Chief Petty Officer Combat Systems CM Division | 2009 - 2012
Norfolk, VA

  • Provided tactical, administrative, and training expertise to 10 junior technicians in the maintenance, manual operation, and tactical operation of Fire Control Systems to include SSDS, CEC, RAM, SPS-48E Radar and SPQ-9B Radar systems.
  • Planned and implemented inspection programs, safety inspections, maintenance schedules and prepared periodic reports, which resulted in passing multiple inspections with very high scores.
  • Analyzed fire control system failures and directed corrective maintenance action; coordinated with shop activities and served as a weapon systems test coordinator. Diagnosed non-routine malfunctions and provided the expertise necessary to affect repairs, inspected completed work assignments; tested, analyzed, isolated faults, and maintained digital computers.
  • Troubleshot and repaired electrical and electronic gun and missile fire control systems; performed preventive maintenance on weapons; followed standard checkout procedures to locate and repair system malfunctions' tested, aligned, and adjusted radar-indicating circuits and power supplies; used basic electronic test equipment; fabricated, maintained, and installed electrical/electronic cable assemblies; performed maintenance on electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems, cooling systems, and drying equipment.
  • Conducted over 100 training scenarios while serving as a training team leader of the ship's Combat Systems Training Team, resulting in 100% completion during warfare area inspections.
  • Oversaw over 24,000 hours of preventative and corrective maintenance monthly, ensuring all Fire Control Systems were well maintained and that there was 100% availability for defense of the ship. This resulted in two successful missile-firing exercises and 100% radar operation during deployment in 2012.

Leading Chief Petty Officer / VBSS Team Leader / Equal Opportunity Advisor | 2010 - 2012
Norfolk, VA

  • Led multiple tactical teams utilizing defensive tactics, climbing and rappelling, and small arms usage boarding compliant vessels.
  • Trained two teams of five for 10 hours weekly.

Group Advisor | 2005 - 2010
Norfolk, VA

  • Managed two technical teams of 20 personnel. Planned, operated, tested, analyzed, and executed strict deadlines with the most advanced technology. Maintained a minimum of $1M annual budgets. Acted as Senior Advisor to the Commanding Officer, providing knowledge and implementing equal opportunity policies to a crew of 300 Sailors.
  • Implemented conflict management; inspected, and gave reports on assessments.


Master of Science, Cyber Security | Currently Enrolled
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Bachelor of Science, Information Technology | 2015
Trident International University, Cypress, CA

AN/SPS-48E RADAR "C" School Apprentice | 1998

Fire Controlman "A" School Apprenticeship | 1997