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Navy Nuclear Officer Instructor with a Doctorate in Physics


Doctorate of Philosophy, Physics | 2009
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Bachelor of Science, Math and Physics | 2002
Xavier University, New Orleans, LA


Multi-National Manufacturing Company | 2013 - Present

Plant Manager | 2015 - Present
Shanghai, China

  • Maintained total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 0.0 for 16 months with an active approach to process safety improvements.
  • Enhanced the training curriculum for authorized signers of safe work permit to include real life scenarios and on-the-job training.
  • Chartered and executed improvement for safe handling of flammable materials through changes to process flow moving steps requiring containment to appropriately classified manufacturing zones.
  • Utilized lean manufacturing tools to improve operational efficiency from 59% to 70%.
  • Oversaw the development and implementation of visual shop floor management to elevate shift to shift communication and serve as a meeting place for regular leadership team Gemba walks.
  • Leveraged short interval controls to quantify causes of machine downtime and drive data based improvement projects.
  • Developed dashboards utilized in daily rack-up meetings to communicate KPI performance and trigger containment actions to ensure sustainability of improvements.
  • Fixed cost reduction of 16% (less than $8.8M actual compared to a budget of $10.5M).
  • Realized additional revenue of $1.3M through better organization of job orders and equipment utilization without capex investment.
  • Generated 40% additional capacity without capex investment. Leveraged both improved efficiency and six sigma techniques to improve machine performance allowing for faster production rates.

Production Area Leader | 2013 - 2015
Havre de Grace, MD

  • Coordinated the labor strike contingency planning, ensuring continuous operations during the 2014 labor contract negotiation.
  • Trained engineers and scientists to carry out machine operations and quality certifications of work in progress (WIP) and finished goods.
  • Collaborated with Operations Manager and functional department managers to arrange external contractors and company resources to support as a contingency to a labor strike.
  • Improved on time in full (OTIF) delivery performance from 77% to 95% of planned orders with manufacturing OTIF of 98%.

Quality Engineer | 2013
Havre de Grace MD

  • Reduced the back log of non-conformance notifications from 350 to 30 actual open issues.
  • Analyzed several years of non-conformance data and worked cross-functionally with the Manufacturing Engineer to develop an action plan to improve the quality performance of the manufacturing unit.

United States Navy | 2009 - 2013
Charleston, SC

Navy Nuclear Officer Instructor / Student Advisor / Class Director

  • Taught nuclear reactor dynamics and core characteristics theory to Enlisted, Officer, and civilian students; 603 students taught with a 97.1% success rate.
  • Individually selected by division to manage the control and distribution of classified material per DoD regulations.
  • Selected by the CO of NNPTC to be an Officer Class Director responsible for managing three Officer staff members and 97 Officer students including one prospective CVN (aircraft carrier) Executive Officer through a difficult six-month period of instruction, yielding a 98.9% success rate.

Command Duty Officer

  • Maintained safety and security within a command of 5000 service members, to ensure continued uninterrupted operation of nuclear training necessary for national security.
  • Advised and directed 40 subordinate watches in general duties of the command.