Dallas Construction Industry Military Hiring Conference - August 15, 2016

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Air Force Civil Engineering Officer with a Master's in Construction Engineering


Master of Science, Engineering, Construction | 2001
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering | 1992
Norwich University, Northfield, VT


United States Air Force | 1992 - Present

Senior Executive, Division/Branch Chief | 2015 - Present

  • Direct 14 civilian and military subject matter experts; develop and manage expeditionary engineering and readiness policies, programs and force structure, deployment for training, readiness reporting, firefighter and emergency services as well as an enterprise-wide training program for 102 Air National Guard civil engineer units, with more than 8,000 employees.
  • Praised as an outstanding total force leader, exceptional regular Air Force Officer and engineer who adapted very quickly into Air Guard; perfect fit as Division Chief; adeptly bridged a hard-to-fill, senior officer personnel gap.
  • Validated 13 unfunded cooperative agreement pay appeals and oversaw financial plan audits; greatly improved fiscal accountability of $125M enterprise-wide salary and benefits program for approximately 6,000 firefighters.
  • Wrote numerous concise, comprehensive and logical reports on a variety of civil engineer readiness topics; all with executable recommendations; praised for attention to detail, brevity and thoroughness of information.
  • Developed intuitive, concise, easy-to-use budget spreadsheet; filled need to counter ever dwindling travel resources; tracked over 100 quarterly travel requests across a division of 20 people; comprehensive format adopted by financial management and benchmarked into workbook template for entire 200-person engineering directorate.

City Manager / Deputy Group Commander | 2015

  • Led 419 personnel in a "9-1-1" emergency civil engineer response unit for senior operational Air Force leader, highly mobile across 100 square mile area of responsibility (Middle East); executed 56 projects worth $37M during six months. Critical to United States military effort to execute key combat operations across region with and from 11 partner nations.
  • Selflessly embraced last-minute deployment; ready in less than three weeks; minimal down-range mission impact.
  • Realized opportunity and acted quickly to divert a forward deployed team; found critical materials and coordinated airlift with team to new location where three water wells were fixed in less than nine days; eliminated water shortages and resolved Central Commands number one requirement at the time.
  • Meticulously reviewed 330 purchase requests, worth over $4M and rewrote all 36 group administrative policies into a standardized format, which was vital to proper group command and control.

Department Chair / Commander | 2012 - 2014

  • Senior Air Force Officer of geographically separated unit responsible for 18 active military personnel and over 70 students. Chaired Department of Aerospace Studies with university status as full professor, administered a college-level officer training program curriculum, taught two classes at four credit hours, and managed unit budget/assets worth more than $3.5M.
  • Named #1 of 7 first year Commanders; commissioned 20 new Second Lieutenants; managed a $31K annual budget, chaired Aerospace Studies Department at Rochester Institute of Technology, and commissioned 20 new officers.
  • Lauded for meticulous, detailed, easy to read, monthly and annual activity reports; format established as template for all 37 other northeastern regional detachments, later benchmarked nationally across entire enterprise.
  • Fixed chronic university and ROTC (Army/AF) schedule conflicts; Minor in Military Studies validated by school.
  • Improved leadership lab attendance, automated tracking with only three cadets required; reduced workload by 66%.
  • Masterfully transformed detachment fitness program; vision turned an average 15% assessment failure rate into a detachment-wide 94+ average with zero failures; all cadets fit to fight and ready for commissioning.
  • Aced tough, 49-day, 18-hr/day, field training assignment as Operations Director; mentored 1,000 future officers.

Executive Director / Facility Manager | 2011 - 2012

  • Led 13 diverse personnel to plan and execute all computer simulation support for multiple Joint Chiefs of Staff exercises. Supervised 124-person deployed manpower staff surge during two annual exercises. Administered an $8.4M simulation center support task order; responsible for daily administration and management of directorate schedules, tasks, correspondence, policies and emails, both classified and unclassified; filled in as Executive Director during their absences.
  • Acted as Principle Officer for supervising tactical deployment and battle tracking of all daily combat missions to ensure mission success in Al Qadisiyah, Iraq.
  • Directed 11 air simulation programs during world's largest computer aided exercise; produced 10 flying schedules with over 17,000 flights at an impressive 99.9% reliability and availability rate during the nine-day exercise.
  • Noted for stellar performance as Contracting Officer Representative (COR) during quality assurance evaluation; lauded for "best" Government furnished equipment continuity book; inventory process cited as a best practice.
  • Led effort and created first of its kind cost share with Korean Air Force for simulation center usage; deftly executed senior supervisor's vision and resolved a decades' old funding issue.

Senior Audit Manager / Mission Support & Civil Engineer Inspector | 2009 - 2011

  • Led diverse team of 19 officers and 81 enlisted personnel from 22 different support career fields; planned and executed 27 Unit Compliance, Operational Readiness and Nuclear Surety Inspections at 24 bases involving over 133,000 Airmen. Briefed Inspector General and other senior staff leaders as well as individual unit leaders on critical readiness and compliance issues including both positive and negative trends with recommendations for improvement.
  • Named #1 of 3 branch field grade officers and noted as an outstanding leader, exceptional communicator and creative thinker.
  • Adeptly led most diverse branch of 100 inspectors to repeated success, despite persistent, 40% manning shortfall.
  • Led enterprise-wide special interest item inspection of 2,417 Equipment Accountability Element accounts at 20 units; ensured Air Force accountability of 238,000 assets valued at over $1.9B.
  • Wrote concise, comprehensive and logical reports; briefed senior civil engineer staff on inspection trends; recommended a convoy operations re-look; Logistics Director took advice and eliminated an outdated requirement.
  • Identified deficiency trend in hoist inspections and record keeping; uncovered throat opening deformations in nuclear certified hoisting equipment that led to enterprise-wide focus and needed replacements.

Civil Engineer | 1992 - 2008

  • Named #1 of 10 Officers and noted as a great, combat-proven warrior with proven leadership abilities and technical competence.
  • Executed two, base-wide open house air shows as "Ground Boss"; led over 200 hand-picked experts and another 800+ volunteers to create a spectacular two-day event for over 240,000 visitors with zero incidents.
  • Executed 336 projects worth $215M despite only 50% manning, limited transportation and site access and poor communications; greatly enhanced Iraqi border security and reduced foreign fighter insurgent threats.
  • Led dangerous convoy site-surveys in hostile territory with no incidents; got results despite limited air support.
  • Awarded more than 250 task orders worth over $1.5B in global combat support and humanitarian and disaster relief.
  • Salvaged $50M deployed dormitory project; brokered complex contractor/customer/user requirements.
  • Acted as lead technical expert for runway survey team in Albania; developed critical construction time-line for large-frame aircraft assault strip; crucial to strategic planning for potential ground invasion of Kosovo and Yugoslavia.
  • Identified operational discrepancy in foreign-made runway repair material; worked closely with US Embassy and supplier to resolve problem; saved $25K in handling costs vice working through base contracting.