Orion Talent Military Hiring Conference - August 2017

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Navy Aviation Electronics Technician


  • Gripe Technician
  • Bench Test Experience
  • Electronic Testing Tools
  • Schematics and Publications
  • Repair Mechanic
  • Electronics Assembly/Disassembly
  • Corrosion Control/Prevention
  • Active Secret Clearance


Aviation Electronics Technician, United States Navy | 2013 - Present
Oak Harbor, WA

  • Qualified technician with three years of experience working on all aspects of the ALQ-99 Electronic Warfare pods. Prior to arrival at FRCNW, there was an ALQ-99 Universal Exciter Upgrade that had been sitting for six months awaiting repair. Shortly after checking-in, conducted a bench test, identified which groups were failing, utilized system schematics and publications to break down the system components and identified the specific circuit card that was resetting and not allowing the system to remain calibrated. After only six hours of troubleshooting, the faulty card was identified, replaced, and a full system test was completed and passed.
  • Qualified Collateral Duty Inspector for the universal exciter upgrades. Completed Apprenticeship and Journeyman as well as Collateral Duty Inspector job qualification requirements then completed and passed an extensive oral board with the FRCNW Maintenance Officer.
  • ALQ-99 pod technician at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island's premier repair facility. Squadrons brought gear that required maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and replacement and FRCNW gave the Squadrons full up gear in exchange; this allowed the EA-18G Electronic Attack commands to remain fully operational in Electronic Warfare pod systems.


Consolidated Automated Support System "C" School | 2013

Aviation Technician Apprenticeship | 2013

Aviation Warfare Apprenticeship Training | 2013