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West Point Graduate


Bachelor of Science, International Relations | 2009
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY


United States Army | 2009 - Present

Operations Officer | 2014 - Present

  • Monitored all scheduling, logistics, budget, travel and purchasing for the United States Military Academy Women’s Basketball team. Responsible for the department-level duties of human resources and team meals.
  • Coordinated communication between the Directorate of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Corps of Cadets.
  • Streamlined and reorganized the meal request process for all 27 Division I sports teams; decreased meal request time by over 75%.
  • Processed, sourced and managed over 300 team meals and over $100K worth of meal purchases for the Athletic Department.
  • Developed and implemented the selection and accessions process for Officers in the Athletic Department; resulted in assignment of over 20 top performing Military Officers within one year.
  • Rated #1 Captain on staff by senior-ranking Officer and recommended for accelerated promotion.

Human Resources Officer | 2011 - 2013

  • Planned and executed all formal and informal functions for the unit. Monitored all personnel management activity including finance, leave, pay, retirement, evaluations and awards for up to 2,100 soldiers in 17 different units. Directly supervised 17 personnel.
  • Created and implemented a brigade-level sponsorship program; resulted in a 30% increase in positive contact with all incoming soldiers.
  • Improved unit Human Resources metrics by over 200% and exceeded Army standards on all eight graded categories.
  • Rated #1 Captain on staff two years in a row by both supervisor and Commander; recommended for accelerated promotion.

Operations Officer | 2010 - 2011

  • Monitored all air and ground movement of 1,200 passengers per day passing through the Theater Gateway into Iraq and Afghanistan. Served as the primary property receipt-holder for over 600 pieces of equipment valued at $1.6M.
  • Generated secret and classified operational reports of the daily flight schedules to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Monitored the time-on-ground and accurately accounted for each passenger.
  • Directly supervised 11 soldiers and airmen.
  • Identified schedule redundancies and streamlined production process; decreased flight matrix and passenger time-on-ground report time by over two hours.
  • Accounted for, facilitated and oversaw the movement of over 187,000 service members, DOD civilians, and government contractors through the Theater Gateway to Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Developed a format for recording, analyzing and displaying passenger satisfaction data for over 20,000 passenger comment cards.

Platoon Leader | 2009 - 2010
Fort Drum, NY

  • Responsible for the health, welfare, safety and morale of 26 soldiers. Planned and oversaw the execution of all Human Resources training, individual military skills training and pre-deployment readiness exercises for the platoon to ensure deployment timeline was met.
  • Planned and executed a brigade-level training exercise for platoon, battalion and brigade Adjutant General soldiers; organized travel, transportation, billeting and training for the week-long exercise for 10 Officers and 28 soldiers.
  • Scheduled, resourced and executed a company-level field training exercise to train, prepare and certify a platoon of 26 Soldiers for upcoming deployment.
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