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Army Logistics Officer


Bachelor of Arts, History | 2005
Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA


United States Army | 2006 - Present

Contracts Manager | 2014 - Present
Tacoma, WA; Australia

  • Oversee service contracts in support of over 5,000 employees; ensure exercise of options while minimizing impact to customer units.
  • Collaborate directly with customers and vendors to ensure on-time delivery of products and services. Evaluate and resolve customer issues and logistical problems.
  • Compose manual contracts, record due dates and action requirements, document all data and assess contract effectiveness in addressing logistical issues. Supervise a Contracting Specialist and train Contract Oversight Representatives.
  • Served as Long Contracting Officer for Talisman Saber 2015 project. Signed contracts obligating government funds, a responsibility generally reserved for a more experienced team member.
  • Awarded contracts valued at over $200K and managed 11 contracts valued at more than $12M.
  • Awarded multiple option years with no service breaks.

Contract Acquisitions Manager | 2014
Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Ensured adherence of contracts with time, budget, and regulatory guidelines. Communicated contract records and weekly results with management and liaised with senior leaders from other divisions to complete projects.
  • Reviewed acquisition documents valued at more than $461.8M.
  • Completed a security procedure overhaul and trained staff in updated processes with zero issues.
  • Successfully completed work of senior management as needed.

Contracts Manager | 2012 - 2014
Tacoma, WA

  • Engaged with customers to assess and fulfill contracting requirements. Utilized contract tools and financial systems in support of writing, data filing and online record management.
  • Trained staff and conducted contingency contract operations. Assisted employees to efficiently meet goals in a high-demand environment.
  • Awarded more than 50 contracts valued at over $608K.
  • Selected to serve as Senior Manager for one month.

Warehouse Manager | 2011 - 2012
Fort Drum, NY

  • Trained and supervised three groups of 152 employees on technical aspects of warehouse support and management. Tracked staff preparation and trained staff on safe use of new equipment.
  • Organized company maintenance schedule for more than $30M worth of equipment. Mentored four assistant managers and numerous vendors and sub-contractors.
  • Acted as a key participant in launching division.
  • Successfully supervised separate warehouses and one maintenance team.

Logistics Manager | 2009 - 2010
Fort Drum, NY

  • Orchestrated transportation logistics for fuel, other supplies, and personnel. Tracked and reported on supply receiving, storage, maintenance, and issuance capabilities.
  • Collaborated with senior management to develop and execute fuel-supply movement plans.

Supply Manager | 2008 - 2009
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Directed supply and maintenance for a large division in two locations. Spearheaded contract actions and financial liability investigations. Oversaw 24 contracts valued at over $1M.
  • Coordinated weekly maintenance meetings. Prioritized repair jobs, parts orders, and organized supply efforts between divisions.
  • Supervised five Assistant Managers and government credit card holders. Guided company Executive Team to procure supplies. Briefed and advised investigating leaders.
  • Maintained a team equipment readiness of 91%.
  • Led move to new headquarters located 300 miles away.

Assistant Operations Manager | 2008
Al Taqqaddum Air Base, Iraq

  • Assisted the Operations Manager to oversee and continually review five divisions and three teams across multiple operations. Communicated with other teams to ensure smooth operations.
  • Wrote numerous daily reports on intelligence, routine operations tasks and serious incidents.
  • Planned and coordinated logistics for more than 700 projects.
  • Trained and mentored staff. Seamlessly orchestrated relocation of team, equipment, and infrastructure from one location to another.

Logistics Manager | 2006 - 2007
Fort Campbell, KY

  • Organized logistics related to property management and operational readiness for a 156-member water purification team.
  • Trained and supervised a 45-member database and personnel-tracking-system team. Compiled and presented readiness information to all staff levels; maintained 97% operational readiness rate on all company equipment.
  • Maintained hand receipts valued at more than $1.5M.
  • Tracked daily maintenance reports and reported team readiness on a monthly basis. Planned training events and tracked travel details. Planned, organized, and led a team training event that certified more than 150 staff to use equipment.
  • Served as sounding board and mentor to Assistant Manager.
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