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Direct Sourcing and Contingent Workforce Solutions from Orion Talent can help you staff your variable workforce through a variety of talent solutions.

Orion Talent's Contingent Workforce Solutions

Why hire a contingent workforce?

Workforce agility is a must, especially for companies with a small recruiting infrastructure or those that are facing volatile operational and supply chain demands. We find the right ready-now candidates - and we do it fast. Our curated talent pools combined with industry-leading technology allow us to deploy talent quickly and at scale. Direct Sourcing and Contingent Workforce Solutions from Orion Talent help companies gain a competitive edge in a tight talent market.

Our Contingent Workforce Talent Acquisition Solutions:

Advance your contingent workforce capabilities and productivity with right ready-now candidates who bring skills, experience, commitment, focus and drive to the job.

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Contingent Workforce: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contingent workforce?

A contingent workforce performs role- or project-based work for a company but are not permanent employees. They include seasonal workers, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, temps, or other outsourced labor. Contingent workers often work under a contract for a fixed period of time or for a specific project. This is determined by a company's particular needs. Because they are not permanent employees, they do not receive benefits from the company on whose behalf they are working.

What kind of employees and positions are considered contingent?

Common contingent workers include Construction / Project Managers, Quality Technicians, Installation Technicians, Warehouse Material Handlers, Equipment Operators, Production Supervisors, Operations Supervisors, Roustabouts, Assembly Line Workers, Field Service Technicians, Test Technicians, Manufacturing Technicians, EHS Supervisors, & Call Center Agents.

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