INSURV Logistician

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Job Ref: # EB-1991329803
Date Posted: 3/26/2024 5:51:03 PM
City, State: Virginia Beach, VA
Job Type: Full Time
Salary (USD): $95,000 - $95,000


Position Details:
• Title: INSURV Logistician
• Location: Virginia Beach, VA
• Shift: Day
• Compensation: $95,000.00
• Benefits: See end of document
• Availability: Open and available now to fill
• Contract Timeline: On base year of Second Contract, three more option years ahead
• Location: Onsite at INSURV HQ in VA Beach
• Team Size: KTG INSURV Team comprised of 5 people – 4 inspectors and 1 logistician

Position Description
The company is looking for a candidate with a background as a Regional Maintenance Center or NAVSEA Logistician with US Naval Supply Systems experience to serve as a Logistician at the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV).

INSURV was established to advise SECNAV and the CNO in matters concerning the acceptance of newly commissioned ships and the suitability of active Fleet units for further service. The mission of INSURV is to keep Higher Authority informed of the material condition of the operating forces, and this is accomplished through appropriately scheduled ship inspections.

INSURV is currently undergoing a transformation in the way it conducts inspections and has identified a requirement for a Logistician to manage all of the various processes that this endeavor will entail. All services will be onsite at INSURV HQ.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Logistician shall assist INSURV in completing inspections by keeping databases up-to-date
• For each deficiency written by an INSURV Uniformed or Civilian inspector that is missing necessary configuration data required to generate a valid 2K, research SCLSIS and apply correct configuration data.
• For each IIG line item (or group of line items), assign the appropriate HSC (5 to 7 digits as granularity allows), possible APL/AEL (2 to 4 digits), and possible EIC (4 digits) in order to support the IIG driven trigger to write a 2-Kilo for all “UNSAT” line items.
• Create “default” standard response(s) for each IIG line item based on rephrasing the line item from a question to an answer: e.g. “Was pump output pressure above 20 psi”--> “Pump pressure was below 20 psi.”
• Support up to 3 inspections a week to perform the following: for all “overflow” jobs written that the UI was not able to assign SCLSIS data, research the job and assign the appropriate SCLSIS data for upload to the CSMP and feed TSP.
• Review Block 35 data to ensure the write-ups meet the minimum requirements for an INSURV-specific “maintenance ready” 2-Kilo.
• Assist the N5 team with updating and maintaining the IIG and SCLSIS tables that drive the IAT Access database as quarterly Force Revisions are applied.
• Provide training to the UIs and CIs on the components of SCLSIS (HSC, APL/AEL, EIC), how to search SCLSIS, and the proper way to write a “maintenance ready” 2-Kilo.

Key Qualifications
• Active “Secret” Level Security Clearance.
• Education: Must be a High School Graduate (or equivalent), 3M Manager School OMMS-NG School Graduate, Logistics Specialist "A" School Graduate, and US Navy Supply Corps School Graduate.

Experience and Qualifications:
• Must have working knowledge of DoD document classification standards.
• Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
• Must have at least 1 year of experience serving as an RMC or NAVSEA logistician, writing 2- Kilos, researching ship's configuration, and creating CKs (preferred).
• Must have working knowledge of the CDMD-OA configuration database.
• Must have working knowledge of OMMS-NG and its associated databases.
• Must have working knowledge of the US Navy HSC, APL/AEL, and EIC classification system.
• Must have working knowledge of the US Navy Supply system.

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