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Army Officer with a Master's Degree


Master of Arts, Information Technology Management
Webster University, St. Louis, MO

Bachelor of Science, Technology | 2004
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK


United States Army | 2004 - 2015

Telecommunications Technical Lead Officer | 2015
Fort Drum, NY

  • Responsible for installation, basic configuration, upgrades, routine testing, analysis, and maintenance of telecommunication systems. Worked with customers and government representatives to determine needs of Fort Drum. Diagnosed and repaired mechanical, hardware, software and systems failures.
  • Determined requirement's impact on existing architecture, work processes and systems. Worked with over 300 impacted areas to ensure proper communication of requirements and integration.
  • Worked with outside hardware/software vendors to discuss support and troubleshoot problems. Provided Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for clients experiencing problems with networks. Identified and resolved recurring issues impacting service.
  • Configured over 400 basic routers, switches, hubs and cabling for the enterprise network. Validated voice network configurations. Acted as liaison to Help Desk staff on telecommunications policies and procedures.
  • Analyzed and resolved issues related to bandwidth requirements, capacity planning, and system interdependencies. Developed and implemented strategies to identify future client and technology bandwidth and capacity needs.
  • Deployed and reviewed new telecommunications components and services to ensure they met client expectations. Assisted with the recovery of all telecommunication systems and services.
  • Conducted start-up, cut-over and checkout activities on newly installed systems. Troubleshot and diagnosed system and equipment interface problems during installations. Performed modifications and field changes to installed equipment. Performed all cabling for all equipment installed.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Operations Officer | 2011 - 2015
Yongsan, Korea

  • Served as the unit's exercise and contingency support cell and as liaison to Korea's Senior Communicator. Planned and carried out assignments and interpreted policy, regulations and directives of host country. Monitored performance of trans-oceanic network trunks within the Pacific region.
  • Directed and synchronized restoration and recovery efforts of a trans-oceanic circuit outage; reduced the off-peninsula bandwidth by over 52% and enabled zero downtime for 30,000 users.
  • Supervised, coordinated and led the evaluation of over 90 Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) facilities; achieved $5M in upgrade efforts.
  • Created a certification career management program for all evaluators assigned in the areas of DSN, DRSN, SATCOM, Power, Tech Control and Environmental at DODIN facilities; decreased certification time by 40%.
  • Served as Information Assurance Manager and Technician; passed DOD Risk Management for information systems inspection with zero CAT I findings and zero serious risks.
  • Planned, managed and executed a $12M network asset inventory across 500 miles with teams deployed across the world and within Korea; resulted in no loss of equipment.
  • Co-developed DISA architecture diagrams of DODIN services to the Air Force Communications Squadron in order to develop an effective communications plan and eliminate redundant services; saved Air Force $16M.

Senior Communications Officer | 2008 - 2011
Fort Drum, NY; Afghanistan

  • Responsible for all battalion communications within US, and all communications for three battalions in Afghanistan. Directed maintenance program, special tasking assignments and daily operations and served as advisor to Commander.
  • Launched and maintained all communications consisting of Ultra High Frequency (UHF)/HF radios, CCTV, satellite and microwave terminals projects from the ground up.
  • Created a multi-layered digital communications architecture to support 3,000 personnel in remote outpost; allowed for redundant communication, eliminated single point of failures and streamlined training to non-technical personnel.
  • Successfully deployed the entire battalion to Afghanistan and four multi-state training exercises including five satellite and four microwave terminals, over 2,500 spares and 60 communication personnel; met all operational timelines.
  • Developed Programs of Instruction, training support plans, lesson plans and communications training program for U.S., NATO and Afghanistan soldiers; established common knowledge base for all in case of an emergency.
  • Assigned and directed work, monitored performance and established priorities. Created a communications solution to integrate German, Afghan and US forces in hostile actions.

Executive Officer | 2004 - 2008
Conn Barracks, Germany; Iraq

  • Second-in-Command and responsible for implementing Commander's mission. Managed all day-to-day activities of 150 company personnel.
  • Ranked #1 of 41 officers.
  • Developed, executed and managed 22 city projects in Iraq to improve or construct buildings, roads, hospitals and S2 power stations. Oversaw the council member meetings for input and provided mission status to the local government.
  • Managed four different property books in three countries. Responsible for over $45M worth of equipment; maintained all equipment with no losses.
  • Prepared, planned, and executed focused High Target Value operations utilizing a myriad of products. Briefed superiors using Sharepoint, VTC, and teleconferences to convey updates on projects, budget, and network status.
  • Directed, tracked and maintained situational awareness and provided operational updates to all concerned parties. Identified key issues and priorities. Provided supervision, oversight, mentorship, and training of all officers assigned to organization.
  • Compiled, edited, and developed intelligence reports on a daily basis using human and signal intelligence for review by senior executive personnel. Briefed foreign government representatives, VIPs and agencies on updates, briefs and functions of our agency.
  • As the Personnel and Logistics Officer, ensured over 700 personnel were tracked during movement through Iraq, Kuwait, and Germany. Tracked wounded personnel scattered across the United States and Germany.