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Combatting the Data Center Talent Crisis

Thursday, February 27, 2020
“For those who think the talent shortage has peaked for the data industry, you haven’t seen anything yet,” writes David Coe, SVP, Talent Programs at Orion Talent, in his latest article, “The Deepening Data Center Talent Crisis: Reasons and Remedies” on Datamation. This powerful statement should be a wake-up call to those in the industry hoping to stay ahead of the curve.
In his article, David addresses the fact that while most industries are experiencing a talent shortage, data centers are particularly feeling the pain because of the sophisticated mix of skills required for roles like critical systems technicians, power systems technicians and analysts, facilities control technicians, robotics technicians, and project managers. But, it isn’t all gloom and doom. David gives three important tips leadership should embrace to address and overcome this shortage.
1. Expand Your Sourcing Avenues - Recruiting and HR departments need to look beyond established job postings and boards.
2. Strengthen the Brand - Refresh your careers page to differentiate your company.
3. Rebalance Skill Focus - Tech skills and facilities experience are important but don’t miss out on the soft skills like critical thinking and strategy.
David’s article delves into how and why to execute each one of these tips. Companies that adapt their recruiting capabilities to these tips will keep pace with best practices in talent acquisition and gain a hiring advantage. Read “The Deepening Data Center Talent Crisis: Reasons and Remedies” here.

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