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Three Ways to Hire Veterans This Summer

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Summer is here, but smart employers know not to let the relaxed pace of the season overshadow their recruiting initiatives. Veteran unemployment is at a record low, and as more companies leverage this top talent, it is important to stay competitive, even at a traditionally slower time of year. 
Orion Talent Military Hiring Conferences offer companies the opportunity to do just that with our Distinguished Candidate Conferences (DCC), Regional Hiring Conference, and Virtual Hiring Events! Our 2019 Summer Hiring Conference schedule is full of excellent recruiting events that combine networking, interviewing, and opportunity to assess our candidates.
At our DCCs, we present carefully selected candidates representing the very top tier of Military Officers transitioning from Active Duty. They are seeking careers in growth roles including Leadership Development, Operations Management, Engineering, and Sales.
Cincinnati Distinguished Candidate Conference - August 5 - 6
Philadelphia Distinguished Candidate Conference - September 9 - 10

Our regional Hiring Conferences bring employers and military candidates together for concentrated recruiting events that combine networking, interviewing and opportunity assessments. See below for our Summer Hiring Conference schedule:
14 - 15 Dallas
15 - 16 Raleigh
15 - 16 San Diego
21 - 22 Providence, RI
28 - 29 Cincinnati
4 - 5 Norfolk
8 - 9 Houston
8 - 9 Seattle
18 - 19 Atlanta
25 - 26 San Diego
8 - 9 Dallas
8 - 9 Philadelphia
12 - 13 Seattle
15 - 16 Chicago
15 - 16 Columbia, SC
Additionally, Orion offers Virtual conferences, targeted toward companies hiring Navy Nuclear and Top-Tier Military Technicians. All hiring managers need is a good internet connection and video capability, to interview our military candidates from anywhere in the country, without the need to travel. Learn more about Orion's Virtual Hiring Conferences.
10 - 12
31 - 2
21 - 23
25 - 27
If you aim to incorporate veterans into your hiring initiatives, a 2019 Orion Hiring Conference is an excellent opportunity to reach this talent. Check out our Military Hiring Conference Schedule here to see when and where you can interview former and transitioning military personnel. You can also request more info here. We look forward to helping you reach your veteran recruiting goals.