Employer Testimonials

Testimonials From Employers Who Have Hired Military through Orion Talent

Orion Talent provides unparalleled customer service and dedication to employers' hiring needs. Check out what some employers who have hired military through Orion Talent have to say about our military recruiting services.

"The Hiring Conference we attended was a well-done event; I was impressed by all of the candidates, as well as the Orion staff." - Lorraine Lang, Vice President of Human Resources, ADA Carbon Solutions

"Everything was great and well organized. I was very impressed by the candidates. They were extremely professional and prompt." - Kevin Quasny, Wrigley

"We were very impressed with the candidates at the Hiring Conference we attended and how they presented themselves. Several of those we interviewed were extremely capable and would be great additions to any organization with potential to move to senior leadership." - Tom Malloy, Project Executive, Swinerton Builders

"We are happy with our formal partnership with Orion and look forward to working together on future hiring needs." - Joel Holland, Technical Recruiter, Honda

"This was my first Orion Hiring Conference, and I was extremely impressed. I had four candidates to choose from, all of whom were well qualified for the position. We got a great hire, and I am now trying to get my other District Manager counterparts to consider attending Orion conferences." - Phil Strader, District Manager, Nalco

"The entire process was extremely well-orchestrated. All of the individuals at Orion were very prompt and professional. I would certainly look to your organization for future candidates within our organization." - Jeff McLean, District Manager, Beckman Coulter

"Orion provides a service that no one else does, and the quality of candidates is excellent. The candidates say they are treated very well, and that's important to me that they have a great experience, too." - Katie Sens, Director of Human Resources, Chemprene

"Here at Sears Holding Corp and Kmart, we believe great companies are led by great leaders at all levels. We think that military leaders possess a number of leadership characteristics that we are looking for. Orion understands our needs and helps us find great leaders that will be successful in our organization. Orion is easy to work with, and we are pleased with the results." - Don Germano, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Kmart Retail

"I believe it is the similarity of the cultures, ethics, integrity and leadership values that contribute to the success of military candidates. When I was asked to develop the experienced hiring strategy for our Research & Engineering Division, I drew on these past experiences and learning in order to develop a hiring strategy and eventually selected Orion. Orion understands and meets our needs; we will continue to use them as a primary source for top caliber engineers." - Tom Kudele, Engineering Manager, Project Management Division, ExxonMobil

After a major hiring initiative, in a personal note to Orion's CEO: "Thanks- we love the product." - Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

"Orion Talent has been a pleasure to work with. Every aspect of the hiring process has been nothing short of professional and exceptional. Like many others, we face the challenge of a shrinking work force, particularly when trying to hire individuals to work on the facilities side of our business.
The partnership between Marriott and Orion has provided us with candidates that represent our company extremely well and typically perform at above average levels. Not only has Orion helped with the ongoing challenge to find qualified people to fill our Engineering positions, you have also provided a tremendous service to the men and women who have defended our country and are now transitioning to the private sector.
Another benefit we see from hiring military personal is their training, be it technical or leadership, fits well with our business needs and company culture.
In a recent conversation you had asked me if I would recommend Orion to other businesses. The answer is unequivocally yes. We look forward to growing our business and extending opportunities for Orion candidates to grow with us. Thanks for your continued support." - Lenny Jachimowicz, Vice President, Lodging Engineering, Marriott

"Working with Orion Talent has made my job so much easier. I know that when I go to a hiring conference, I am only going to see applicants that are truly qualified for the openings we have, and the process is very organized and professional. Thanks to Orion, we have improved the skill level of all of our maintenance techs by hiring multi-skilled applicants and working with them to develop new skill sets for our other teammates. Ed Voelsing has made the process simple, enjoyable and less time consuming. Great job, Orion!" - Jo Ann Watson-Kennedy, Labor Relations/Benefits Specialist, Bridgestone Americas Holding Inc.

"Orion Talent excels in providing candidates who have the hard to find in-depth training and experience we require of our technicians." - Larry Anthony, Staff Supervisor, US Steel

"The conference in Atlanta this week was one of the most valuable recruiting events I have ever attended. The caliber of candidates put in front of me was second to none. It was so refreshing and such a value-added experience." - Heather Karonis, Human Resources Supervisor, Tropicana Products, Inc.

"What impressed us was the quality of the candidates. As this is our first foray into the JMO world, we were not certain what we would find in terms of applicability of talent. Ours are very specific requirements—hence the term "apprentice" assigned to each opening. Without previous SAP experience, I was uncertain if any of the candidates would be appealing. As it turned out, Allen and I commented with each other all day Tuesday about the capability of the individuals to elicit their potential. I attribute it to the individuals and Orion's preparation of candidates." - Doug Baden, Director, Information Technology, St. Jude Medical

"I continue to be impressed with your candidates and the efforts of your group." - Jeffrey D. Thorson, Region President, William Ryan Homes

"If I had a choice between a candidate with a strong technical background and a candidate with a strong leadership background, I would choose the leadership candidate every time. Orion provides us with the leadership candidates that we need to take our company to the next level." - Bob Capps, VP of Human Resources, American Infrastructure

"Orion Talent was very professional, organized, and enthusiastic in setting up candidate flow for companies like mine. The candidates were screened and prepared for the interviews. The details of the hotel arrangements for the company presentations were accurate and helpful. I would recommend Orion to any company that wishes to meet and hire quality applicants." - Edward Chestnut, Director of Human Resources, Breeze-Eastern Corporation

"Working with Orion Talent over the past years has resulted in numerous great hires of field service technicians and account managers. It has been refreshing to work with a firm that takes the time to learn about our culture and unique needs. Matt has consistently provided exceptional service and support to most of our branches located throughout the western half of the country.
The candidates we've hired outperform our expectations and continue to make a major impact on our success. I believe our successful partnership with Matt and Orion is directly attributed to their uncompromising integrity coupled with a genuine concern for my operations and clients. In short, Burkhart believes that we are "here for our client's success" and Orion Talent has embodied that to us." - Greg Biersack, VP Corporate Operations, Burkhart Dental

"Organizations that want to drive leadership in their industry require investments in hiring high quality candidates - those that possess strengths in leadership, managerial acumen and experience. Orion Talent is in a unique position to provide Junior Military Officers (JMOs) & Distinguished Military Candidates in a professional hiring process with focus on effective candidate screening & top talent presentations.
I have worked with Orion through numerous hiring conferences and have personally seen the high quality, motivated candidates that bring energy and commitment to the table. I am excited to have this ongoing relationship with Orion and expect continued success in our JMO recruiting." - George Kuntz, Director, Enterprise IT, Cardinal Health

"Over the last 12 years, the consistent quality of the people and the professionalism of Orion Talent have proven to be outstanding. This is what sets Orion apart from other military recruiting agencies." - Bob King, Vice President, Climatec

"I was very impressed with the high-caliber engineering technicians I was able to interview at the Orion Hiring Conference. The Candidates exceeded my expectations, making my choice very difficult. Once I chose, I extended him the offer the following morning. After such a successful event, I will use Orion more directly to meet my future engineering supervisor and manager needs. Their streamlined screening and hiring process saved me months of interviewing and screening time, while letting me keep my power plants staffed with outstanding talent." - Chuck Edwards, PE, General Manager, Suez Energy Corporation NA

"When Orion Talent says, "Two weeks and done," they are not kidding. It is often the case than when interviewing ten or more candidates, a recruiter can expect to weed out 50% or more of them based on character, professionalism, or social skills. That was not the case with the Orion candidates. The candidates were well prepared and eager to discuss the contributions that they wish to make to our organization." - Lisa Price, Human Resources Manager, Medical Action Industries Inc.

"We have been impressed with the time and effort that Orion has taken to learn about our company. Gaining in-depth knowledge and a better understanding about Ferguson as an organization has allowed Orion to effectively fill our needs with competent, experienced candidates." - Denise Francum, Director of Recruiting, Ferguson Enterprises

"EDDY Pump Corporation is a military contracting company that continually works with the U.S. Navy. We were having continual issues finding employees that had a strong mechanical background while still having the discipline and prior knowledge of Navy workings. After going through various other military recruiters and technical recruiters, we finally had success with Orion Talent.
Jason Ferguson of Orion worked hand-in-hand with our staff in order to find the perfect candidate to fit our position. Unlike many other recruitment companies, Jason and Orion took a personal interest in our company and came to our facilities in order to find a perfect candidate for the position we were looking to fill.
When we finally found the right person, the hiring process was made very simple and un-rushed, and our new employee excelled in his position. We are currently working with Jason and Orion to fill other positions and have recommended Orion to many companies with which we work. Thank you, Orion." - Ben Weinrib, Mechanical Engineer & Technical Marketing, EDDY Pump Corporation

"Orion is able to provide high quality candidates in an efficient and timely manner. Junior Military Officers (JMOs) possess leadership and management intangibles that are an asset to any organization. In fact, our last JMO was hired through Orion. He's doing great and will be promoted and relocate to manage his own shift after less than a year on-board with us. I look forward to our continued success in our relationship with Orion." - Mike Zatlukal, Regional Operations Director, Cardinal Health

"This was my first hiring conference. I was thoroughly pleased with the excellent client service Roger Ouimet provided and quality candidates I interviewed. I look forward to my next event, and I will refer Orion to any HR professional!" - Christal Spence, Senior Recruiter, ESAB

"My company came to Orion Talent in the hopes of meeting with and interviewing high-caliber, talented individuals seeking a challenging and rewarding career. We knew that military candidates bring strong leadership, self confidence, high energy level, excellent work ethic, and solid managerial talent. Orion's candidates were a very strong match for our positions.
Orion's hiring conferences and mini-conferences proved to be beneficial and time saving. Their candidates were thoroughly screened and briefed on my organization and the specific positions I was recruiting for. I worked with Roger Ouimet at both types of events, both of which enjoyed great success. I would recommend Orion to my colleagues without reservation." - Mike Shields, Corporate Director, Human Resources & Labor Relations, Schindler Elevator

"We have just completed our first full year of our business relationship with Orion Talent. As a Human Resources professional responsible for recruiting outstanding employees for our organization, I continually look for a variety of recruiting sourcing methods. After an initial contact by Orion at the end of 2006, Hilti agreed to give Orion a geographic test location to provide qualified military candidates for positions that meet our hiring profile. From the success of this initial relationship, I am pleased to say that Orion Talent is now considered a preferred national recruiter for Hilti. The two key reasons that our relationship with Orion has grown to the national level in such a short period of time are as follows:
Candidate Talent
Outstanding talent is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Without great people, no company can survive in today's competitive business environment. Orion has been able to provide Hilti with degreed Military candidates who meet and often exceed the many successful qualities that we look for in our search for talent. Education, leadership, discipline, attention to detail and goal orientation are just a few of the many qualities that we have found in the Orion candidate pool. In addition, we have found Orion candidates to be flexible in terms of their mobility and willingness to explore a variety of career opportunities.
Orion Professionalism and Support
The personal professionalism, discipline and flexibility that I have found in the candidates, I have also found with Orion Talent. Recruiting great employees is the most important job of any hiring manager. Also important is the time that managers spend in the recruiting process. Hiring managers want to do business with truly professional recruiting firms. Meeting profiles and presenting candidates in an efficient and timely manner are critical to our success. I have found the Orion team to be highly professional. They have listened to our needs and continue to provide excellent candidates in a very consistent manner. Through, Hiring and Mini conferences, as well as the direct presentation of candidates, Orion has offered Hilti the flexibility to interview candidates in groups or on a one at a time basis, in order to fulfill our staffing needs at a particular location. In addition to being introduced to top caliber candidates the follow-up at Orion is top notch!
I have been very pleased with our now national business partnership and look forward to a continued successful future working with Orion Talent." - Charlie Martorello, Director, Source and Select, Hilti Inc.

"First, let me express my pleasure with the lineup of qualified candidates Orion was able to provide for me to interview for our positions. The six men presented were all quite capable of performing the job. It's great to know my choices are difficult from the standpoint of selecting from the more subtle nuances of how each personality will fit the job rather than from the standpoint of whether they can do the job at all.
Second, I must commend Orion on its excellent choice in selecting Mr. Ken Rahn as "Ambassador". It was both pleasant and productive to work with Ken. He was patient, attentive, helpful, understanding, personable, energetic, and altogether a great guy." - Patrick Fish, West Coast Manager, Norment Security Group

"My experience with Orion's hiring conference was a total success! The candidates we interviewed were well screened and well qualified for our positions. In the past, I have avoided using recruiters, because I found that they were not in tune with our company needs for candidate requirements. Thanks to Orion, I now have a different impression about recruiting agencies and am more willing to look further into the services of recruiters.
I was very impressed with Orion. They were very professional and organized in the handling of this event. The candidates we were presented with had the majority of the skills and experience we were looking for. Thank you very much for your time and talents during this event, and I look forward future opportunities with your company." - Kimberly D. Howard, Customer Service Manager, Solar Turbines

"Orion Talent has been a continuous source of highly qualified candidates with strong backgrounds and interpersonal skills, and these candidates have really excelled in our organization overall." - Sean Whitehouse, Manager, Kurt Salmon Associates