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Skilled Professional Jobs

Military candidates have proven to be an ideal fit for a wide range of positions including Field Service, Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Project Managers, and Engineers.

Steve Casey, Vice President at Orion, joins the show to discuss what military job seekers should know about the oil and gas industry.


What Type of Technical & Supervisory Jobs Exist in the Oil & Gas Idustry

  • All Field Service Disciplines
    You will be responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of compressor packages and gas-processing equipment in your region of responsibility (up to a several hundred mile area).
  • Offshore Technicians
    As an Offshore Technician, you will perform various maintenance duties such as repairs, calibrations and improvements for all equipment in the assigned field.
  • ROV Technicians and Supervisors
    In a ROV Technician and Supervisor role, you will supervise and/or participate in the maintenance, repair and operation of complex underwater search and recovery systems and subsystems.
  • Saturation Technicians
    Saturation Technicians operate, repair, and maintain all diving saturation equipment used in underwater operations.
  • Foremen & Line Supervisors
    Foreman & Line Supervisors lead and organize crews, delegate job responsibilities and verify that the appropriate equipment is available and on-site to complete small project/job(s).
  • Construction Superintendents
    In a Construction Superintendent role, you will be responsible for managing projects that entail the renovation and construction of petroleum retailing facilities.
  • Maintenance Technician
    As a Maintenance Technician, you will spend the majority of your time at a maintenance facility working on the troubleshooting, testing and repair of equipment that has been brought back from the operating crews in the field.
  • Control Systems Technician
    In a Control Systems Technician role, you will install, maintain and troubleshoot instrumentation, control circuits and equipment related to natural gas processes such as the compression, dehydration, measurement, transmission and storage of natural gas.
  • Electronics Technician
    Electronics Technicians oversee and monitor the electronic function of the base location or specific department, and are responsible for ensuring all electronic related issues are managed effectively and completely.
  • Instrumentation Technician
    As an Instrumentation Technician, you will inspect, test, adjust, and repair electric, analog and digital electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical instruments and systems.
  • Maintenance Supervisor
    Maintenance Supervisors are responsible for the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible maintenance of refinery equipment.
  • HSE Manager
    The Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Manager provides leadership and accountability of business HSE goals, HSE programs, and HSE processes for the site(s).

What type of Operations Positions Exist within the Oil & Gas Industry?

  • Equipment Operator
    Equipment Operators are responsible for driving, operating and maintaining field operational equipment, in accordance with local and company safety standards and guidelines.
  • Rig Operator
    As a Rig Operator, you will be responsible for operating power construction equipment, such as compressors, pumps, hoists, shovels, cranes, or tractors to excavate and move earth, erect structural and reinforcing steel, and pour concrete or other materials.
  • Floor Hand
    In a Floor Hand role, you will be responsible for carrying out the maintenance and cleaning of the drill floor and all drilling equipment.
  • Derrick Hand
    Derrick Hands are responsible for monitoring and maintaining proper procedures of the daily operations of the well servicing rig.
  • Drivers
    Drivers operate company vehicles to move materials, tools, and equipment to and from work locations in support of construction and maintenance activities and/or deliver operating materials and supplies from one warehouse to another.
  • Pipeline Technician
    As a Pipeline Technician, you will be responsible for providing operational, technical, electrical, and mechanical support for all facility equipment, including on the pipeline itself but also at the pump station/storage areas.
  • Oilfield Service Operator
    Oilfield Service Operators are responsible for the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of rig automation controls, AC and DC drives and other equipment.
  • Roustabout
    In a Roustabout role, you will do a number of different roles in the support of the oil rig, to include offloading of personnel and supplies from cargo vessels (e.g. food, drill pipe, casings, tubing and cutting boxes).
  • Terminal Operator
    As a Terminal Operator, you will perform routine terminal maintenance and ensure the quality and quantity of refined products.
  • Mechanic
    Mechanics are responsible for performing maintenance and repair on pipeline pump station and terminal equipment, which includes natural gas fired engines, diesel-fired engines, motors, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, compressors, meters, gravitometers, transmitters and other equipment.

What Type of Management & Engineering Positions Exist in the Oil & Gas Industry?

  • Project Managers and Engineers
    As a Project Manager and/or Engineer, you will be responsible for successful initiation, planning, design, fabrication, and customer delivery of the company's product through the monitoring and controlling of a project.
  • All Engineering Disciplines
    In an Engineering role, you will be responsible for taking an identified problem or opportunity associated with some facet of operations, examining alternative solutions, selecting the optimum solution and preparing a complete process design for modification or addition.
  • Well Site Managers
    Well Site Managers are responsible for leading a crew at a well site. Your primary role and responsibilities will be to safely and efficiently manage onsite operations and lead field personnel to deliver the business objectives, in full compliance with relevant standards, policies, and legislation.
  • Leadership Development Programs
    In a Leadership Development Program, you will gain exposure to many different business areas within the company. Depending on your strengths and the needs of the company, one should expect to work in a variety of roles. Upon graduation from the program, you will be assigned a position based on your strengths, desires, and the needs of the company.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
    Logistics and Supply Chain positions typically include gathering and analyzing data, evaluating and recommending route plans and providing logistics support for exploration and production operations.
  • Sales and Business Development
    In a Sales and Business Development role, you will build and maintain fuel order volume and market share by locating, developing, closing and maintaining sales business relationships.