Civilian Resume Formats

Civilian Resume Formats for Transitioning Junior Military Officers (JMOs), Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and Enlisted Technicians

We know that it is challenging to create a resume in an easy-to-read format that best highlights your skill set. Our client companies are comfortable with two formats, so we recommend that you use either a chronological resume, or a skills based/combination resume. Your Candidate Recruiter will help you determine which is best for you, but for the vast majority of candidates, we recommend a chronological resume. Regardless of the format you select, your resume should be professional and orderly in appearance.

Chronological Resume

You should typically use a chronological resume if you have less than 15 years total professional experience and your professional timeline is relatively easy to follow.

This format lists your professional experience in reverse chronological order, so a potential interviewer, military or non-military, can easily follow your professional timeline and very quickly get a good overall understanding of what you are qualified to do.

Keep the following in mind when creating a chronological resume:

  • You must effectively differentiate between your duties and responsibilities, and your achievements. Remember that there are thousands of people who have held a job similar to yours in terms of responsibility, but your achievements are what will set you apart. Be specific and quantify wherever possible.
  • Your duties and responsibilities should be listed directly under your job title and concisely describe your overall responsibilities in two to three lines.
  • Below your responsibilities paragraph, you should list 2-4 achievements for each job held.
  • GPA should only be listed if it is above 3.0.

Skills Based/Combination Resume

You should typically use a skills based/combination resume if you have more than 15 years professional experience, a very diverse professional background, and/or are trying to tailor your resume for a specific industry or position.

This format starts with a professional summary and highlights several key professional attributes that you want to emphasize. The skill based/combination format allows a potential interviewer to view your background in an easy to read format that emphasizes the skill sets you are trying to convey.

Keep the following in mind when creating a skills based/combination resume:

  • Ensure your summary paragraph accurately outlines your professional experience.
  • Carefully select the skills listed and the achievements that support each. The first skill set listed should be your strongest and the one you most want to emphasize.
  • Your achievements supporting each skill set should be specific, concise and quantifiable where possible.
  • The Employment Chronology section should not contain gaps in your timeline.

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