WEBINAR: Why Staffing And Recruiting Relationships Fail

In a recent survey on talent provider relationships, Orion Talent uncovered a surprising number of damaged and failed relationships. Orion presented a webinar on June 7 on HR.com, "Why Staffing and Recruiting Relationships Fail - and What You Can Do About It."

Presented by Cory Kruse, President, Orion Novotus; and Malaika Kattke, Senior Human Resources Manager, Americas Region for QAD Inc, this webinar discusses common factors that cause talent provider relationships to succeed or fail, supported by recent survey data.

Low expectations abound, with scant few end clients giving their providers top grades. From contingent staffing and MSP to perm placement and RPO, the story is the same: few providers have risen to the level of strategic business partner. This webinar offers two unique perspectives on building stronger relationships, from overcoming common roadblocks to incorporating performance metrics into strategic planning.

You'll find concrete steps HR leaders and professionals, Procurement managers, and Hiring managers can take to ensure they're just as engaged and enthusiastic about their talent partnerships six months in as when they signed the contract.

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