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More than 6,000 of Orion's Junior Military Officers and Military Technicians have been hired into various roles within the Medical Device and Medical Manufacturing industries. Our candidates possess unmatched technical training and expertise, as well as proven communication, customer service, and leadership skills, making them an ideal fit for various positions across these Medical industry segments.

Leading Pharmaceutical Recruiter for Military Hiring. Find top talent with proven expertise in pharmaceutical and medical recruitment. Contact us today for your pharmaceutical recruitment needs.

Whatever Your Hiring Needs, Orion Has the Solution.

Our Military Search programs enable you to attract, hire, develop and retain the right Military talent for positions including:

Our candidates have a true understanding of the link between leadership and production, quality, safety, maintenance, and procedural compliance. They are able to communicate and build teams from the individual to the plant level.

Technicians are responsible for the installation, calibration, and servicing of their company's capital equipment. Our technicians are highly skilled in using technology as they troubleshoot and repair electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. The superior customer service skills of our candidates make them an excellent choice to act as the face of the their company onsite to clients.

Our technicians are highly skilled on electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems. They can troubleshoot down to the card and component level if necessary. They are accustomed to working in tough environments with little supervision. Clean room or rooms requiring a degree of clean room clothing are acceptable to our candidates. The military works in shift and some candidates prefer 2nd or 3rd shift.

Our candidates understand cGMP and SOPs that govern the pharmaceutical or live agent manufacturing process. Safety Compliance and Procedural Compliance are taught and reinforced in the military. This translates easily into the strict cGMP in the manufacturing process.

Our success is in providing primary care representatives to district managers in the pharmaceutical industry. We have been J&J's and Pfizer's number one provider of primary care representatives. At the same time we have showed strength in the competitive field of medical equipment and device sales. Our candidates are very competitive and successful as they grow into future leadership positions in the sales hierarchy.

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