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Military Hiring Solutions for the Aviation MRO Industry

Orion's Solution to the Aviation Mechanic Shortage

The Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Industry is grappling with a critical shortage of Aviation Mechanics, with projections indicating a need for 47,000 new technicians by 2027. The challenges are compounded by an aging workforce and a scarcity of skilled talent, coupled with high entry barriers for new professionals. Meeting FAA requirements to become an Aircraft Mechanic can take months to years, further exacerbating the shortage.

Military Talent Solutions for the Aviation MRO Industry

Military-Trained Aviation Mechanics are the Solution

Military-Trained Aviation Mechanics are the Solution

Approximately 100,000 skilled Active Duty service members possess the necessary experience, making them eligible for FAA certification. However, a significant number of these talented Aviation Mechanics face obstacles in transitioning to civilian roles due to the complexity and time required to earn an A&P license. This results in an under-utilization of a highly qualified talent pool, creating a gap between industry demand and an accessible workforce.

Here's Where Orion Talent Fills the Gap - From Military-Trained to FAA Certified

Orion Talent steps in as the crucial link, addressing the shortage by working with military Aviation Mechanics transitioning from Active Duty. Our candidate profiles include Aviation Powerplant Mechanics, Aviation Structural Mechanics, Aviation Electricians, and Aviation Electronics Technicians from all military branches. These individuals have undergone world-class training in engine and aircraft maintenance.

Our specialized team of Military Aerospace Recruiters provides essential education and guidance to candidates, assisting them in documenting their experience, obtaining necessary signatures, and applying for FAA certification while still on Active Duty. By the time they leave Active Duty, Orion's Military Aviation Mechanics are FAA eligible to complete the testing and examination phase to receive their Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) License.

Customized Solutions for Your Company

Customized Solutions for Your Company

Here are a few ways Orion Talent can help your company create a talent stream of FAA certified Aviation Mechanics to fill your needs:

Existing Training Programs

Existing Training Programs
 If your company has its own training program, Orion will provide FAA-eligible candidates ready to enter your apprenticeship or training initiative. We can explore utilizing the DoD SkillBridge to offset training costs.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development
 For companies aiming to invest in building their talent pipeline, Orion's HireSkills® team can design a cost-effective workforce development program, leveraging industry partnerships and DoD SkillBridge.

A&P Certified Candidates

A&P Certified Candidates
 If your roles demand A&P certification, our Military Search recruiting team can source and recruit former military Aviation Mechanics who have completed all phases of their A&P testing.

Aerospace Manufacturing Positions

Aerospace Manufacturing Positions
 For positions within Aerospace Manufacturing that don't require an A&P license, Orion's Military Aerospace Recruiters will source and recruit experienced military Aviation Mechanics ready to contribute to your team. Learn more about our success within Aerospace Manufacturing.

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