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Hiring Manager Survey Tips

Surveying Hiring Managers is a great way to measure the success of your Recruiting Initiatives

Hiring Manager Survey Tips

Using Hiring Manager Survey Questions to establish a baseline of Hiring Manager satisfaction is a great way to set a benchmark for future recruitment performance and helps define challenges in the hiring function. While the survey responses are subjective, Hiring Managers' perceptions of the recruiting function are an important metric.

As an HR leader, Hiring Managers are your customers. If you aren't focusing on their satisfaction, then you really aren't managing your recruitment function with your real customers in mind. Any feedback that you get from your Hiring Managers will help you to define problems and develop a plan to make corrections to your process. Hiring Manager satisfaction can be viewed as one of the most powerful metrics for insight on how your overall recruitment is functioning.

Not sure where to get started creating a survey like this?

How Can You Use the Hiring Manager Survey?

  • Make sure your Hiring Managers understand how important their feedback really is and why you're asking them to anonymously weigh in.
  • Distribute as a paper survey or use the template here to create an online survey.
  • Set benchmark data from these hiring manager surveys prior to undertaking any formal process improvement efforts.
  • Use ongoing surveys to compare initial recruitment performance against continued performance.

Of course, you can also develop your own Hiring Manager Survey.

To get the most out of satisfaction surveys, make sure to include all the hiring elements that they experience. Survey metrics should include questions about:

  • Technology
  • Process
  • Candidate Quantity
  • Candidate Quality
  • Process Times

When Hiring Managers are frustrated with the hiring process, that's usually the biggest sign that your recruiting team is struggling. If you've gotten adequate feedback from your Hiring Managers on a survey like this, you'll be able to accurately see areas in your hiring function that need improvement, as well as the parts of your recruitment that are already working well.

Getting surveys into the hands of your hiring managers is really the easiest part of the process of improving your recruitment function. Once you get the results, that's where the real work begins. If you find that making the improvements necessary is a bigger job than you can handle on your own, get in touch with us. We can help.

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