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In our latest employer resource, we explore Leadership Development Programs (LDP) in-depth and the ingenious method they present for mentoring your company's next generation of leaders. At Orion, we have matched many forward-thinking companies, like Siemens, Ardagh Group, Nucor, Owens Corning, and Lutron with Junior Military Officers to fuel these programs and drive business growth.

While there are no one-size-fits-all Leadership Development Programs, there is a general feel to an LDP that fosters an environment of growth. Overall, an LDP is a program designed to expose JMOs to different areas of your business, allowing them to experience professional growth and the ability to lead through all segments. Types of LDPs include Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Engineering Development Programs.

Additional Leadership Development Program features typically include:

- Offer rotational opportunities, hands-on mentoring, classroom development, networking opportunities, and varied assignments;
- Success is often measured based on the promotions, leadership, and business growth caused by these candidates;
- Requires candidates to start out at one location and then relocate to another office to learn about the corporate functions;
- May offer the option to complete their MBA;
- Candidates assigned a permanent position either at corporate or in the field at completion.

Leadership Development Programs are for candidates that want to learn, prove themselves as a valued team member, and have a desire to become a business leader. Ideal candidates include Junior Military Officers who are geographically flexible with strong growth/promotion potential and demonstrated leadership skills.

If you have already discovered the power of a Leadership Development Programs, we are here to help maximize your program with high-caliber Junior Military Officer candidates. If you have yet to create such a program, we can help!
Visit our new webpage to learn more about all about Leadership Development Programs and how they work to ensure your company is cultivating the best talent the military has to offer.

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