Joining Forces Veteran Testimonials

Testimonials from Veterans

"I made first contact (phone) with my Orion career consultant on Wednesday 7 March 2012, and, in a little over 48 hours from our initial phone conversation, I had received an offer of employment!

The civilian education that I completed within my masters program, along with my numerous years of military experience in operations, management, leadership, safety, and weapons systems testing and evaluation, played a key part in my ability to get a new career started with this railroad corporation after I retire from military service." - Gerry Peppmuller, Conductor, Kansas City Southern Railroad

"[Job fairs] are usually held in a large ballroom with 40 to 50 companies. Then you add 800-1000 people in their different stages of their out processing of the Army; ranging from already out of the Army to still having two years left on their contract, and you find yourself fighting the crowd of people to get to that company's table and hoping that you get there at the start of the brief that the company representative was giving to a crowd.

The Fort Hood Military Hiring Event, on the other hand, was first-rate. The Day 1 agenda was very productive for both the soldier looking for a job and the company looking for veterans; and the Day 2 interviews with the selected companies were all any job seeker could hope for. It really makes you feel that someone is looking out for your best interest in the job hunting process." - Robert Squires, Drilling Superintendent, Hess Corporation

"I found the Fort Hood Military Hiring Event to be informative & insightful and Day 2 Interviews were exciting. I enjoyed the experience and will hopefully receive a job from the event." - Claro Garcia, Landman, McCormick & Associates

"The Fort Hood Military Hiring Event was a great event because Orion built a bridge between veteran job seekers with potential employers. Orion also helped the attendees in many ways, such as resume writing and interview coaching. And employers got the benefit of interviewing quality candidates." - Jingli Liu, US Army, E-5

"I started my job search approximately a month ago, and this is the first time I had the opportunity to be interviewed. I have more than 21 years of experience, an associate's degree, and 106 semester hours toward a Bachelor's in Applied Management and still didn't have one interview set up prior to this event. It was very productive and informative.

In my opinion, events like the Fort Hood Military Hiring Event should be the norm from transitioning service members. This was by far the best job searching method I've participated in. Thank You!" - Osvaldo Riveradones, US Army, E-8

"Thank you and your group for bringing this type of event to Ft. Hood. Everyone I have spoken with that was part of the event was a true professional and with a dedicated, focused attitude towards the veterans they are aiding.

My experience throughout both days was very amazing; I have never been a part of anything like it. The employers were top-notch. The best thing about the event was that we got to have actual interviews with the different companies and not just recruiters as per as a regular job fair in which you have to fight to get to a table or wait in line for 20 to 30 minutes just to hand someone you will never see again a resume or get a business card.

I praise you guys for the commitment to the one-on-one experience. I know I will have some offers coming soon. Thank you!" - Thomas Brooks, US Army, E-8

"I was on a roll at the Fort Hood Military Hiring Event and could have gone all day! Day 1 provided great information about the companies, and the face-to-face interviews on Day 2 were great. I was able to interview with companies on the spot and found this to be by far the best platform in the hiring process. Thanks, Orion!" - Mark Gilliam, Master Supply Specialist, Honeywell

"The week following my return to Texas I went to ACAP for resume writing assistance and was informed of the Fort Hood Military Hiring Event. The hiring event was my first attempt at job hunting other than online job applications.

I think Orion provides an outstanding service for separating military members, and the team at the event was extremely helpful in trying to match the participants' skill sets with appropriate job interviews. I was very impressed with Chris Demmons, as he provided feedback and kept me informed during the process and followed-up with results from the jobs I interviewed for.

I have been contacted by one of the companies for an on-side interview and would not have had this opportunity had it not been for the assistance provided by Orion during the hiring event held at Fort Hood. And even if the jobs I interviewed for don't turn into employment, the experience I gained interviewing for jobs will be beneficial in the future." - Terry Abel, Hess Corporation

"Thanks to the Orion team for helping me with my job search. Bob Berkholz and Brad Ward were exceptional in working with me and taking the time to listen to what I was looking for.

Although I was afforded the opportunity to interview with several companies, I choose only to look at two of them. The interviews went well, and I have already received one call back for a second interview and site visit. I am expecting a second one from the other company.

The opportunity to sit in front of VPs and hiring managers was truly an awesome experience. Normally, in an interview setting, you are only speaking with an HR rep. This tends to be less effective in my opinion.

I would recommend this type of event to other JMOs. Again, a huge thank you to all members of the Orion team that helped coordinate and put this event together. Thank you for the opportunity to meet with hiring managers from several major corporations!" - Shannon Marburger, US Army, O-4, Operational Leadership, Hess

"Orion, along with the ACAP process, has given me a huge edge over anything else I have experienced out in the normal workforce." - Alexander Davis, US Army, E-4

"I was very impressed with the Orion team at the recent Fort Hood Hiring Event. The staff was very professional, helpful, and motivated to assist the transitioning Military members attending. I was particularly pleased with the resume and interview reviews and train-ups provided on the first day. The schedule was well-managed, the company presentations were well presented, and I was pleased with the interviews I had. Thanks to the Orion team for all the assistance and I will definitely refer any of my battle-buddies preparing to leave the service to take advantage of the Orion services available." - David Griswold, US Army, E-7

"I started searching for jobs six months prior to my retirement date, and a few opportunities were missed because those companies need to fill those slot right away. I then heard about the Fort Hood Military Hiring Event through a friend of mine, and I'm glad that I attended! The event was called a ‘Hiring Event' and that is exactly where I see my interviews going.

The event was outstanding. To me, it was a definite success, so hats off to the Orion team. Day 1 was great, because it got all of us involved with the interview process. Day 2 interviews were a valuable lesson for me, as well, since I had never been in an interview. Please keep up the great work! This is what we need to do to help our veterans." - Vince Sourthathone, US Army

"Finding a job after the Army has been hard, but I am still trying. I am excited about the Joining Forces event because the companies I am interviewing with have different locations for the jobs, so hopefully I get one of those cause I like to travel a lot and I know I'm qualified." - Angelique Smith, US Army (Ret.), E-6

"I retire in April as an E7 Operations NCOIC/19D Calvary Scout and thought this was the right time to start searching for a job. I learned about Orion from an ACAP flyer that I had received and attended the Fort Hood Hiring Event. The event was very worthwhile.

I had a good experience learning what to say and how to present myself for interviews, having not done that for awhile. The experience was similar to a promotion board. The Orion team was very helpful and was willing to answer any and all questions, give advice and even tips on making a stronger resume.

The event was clearly better than the normal job fairs. I actually get to see what a company is about and meet the actual people I may be working for, instead of receiving a brochure about a company and going to their website. It gave me hope in finding a job versus applying online and almost never receiving any feedback or confirmation in regards to my resume." - Desmond Gatson, US Army, E-7

"Day 2 interviews of the Fort Hood Hiring Event were a great experience, and will hopefully result in a job opportunity." - Akoni Kaholo, US Army, E-6

"If you are serious about finding a job, an Orion/Joining Forces/ACAP Military Hiring Event will get you hired. The companies in attendance are looking for veterans like us! I landed a Conductor at Kansas City Southern Railroad. Not bad!" - Rosendo Martinez, Conductor, Kansas City Southern Railroad