#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast
#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast - Episode 6

Heart and Soul - Empowering Authenticity at Siemens Mobility

In this episode of #PeoplewithPurpose, Steve Amsden is joined by Tami Wolownik, Head of People & Organization, North America, and Jessica Shaiegan, Head of Strategic Procurement for Rail Infrastructure Business Unit & Mobility Division Functional Excellence, at Siemens Mobility. A leading provider of sustainable and efficient transport solutions, Siemens Mobility strives to provide seamless, sustainable, reliable, and secure transport solutions for rail and road.

To achieve this goal, the company employs 38,500 around the world. The way the company views its team members is immediately apparent in the name "People & Organization", as opposed to HR. In their discussion with Steve, Tami and Jessica reveal that it is through empowerment and trust of these employees that the company thrives. They give both personal and professional examples of what it means to be a woman in the logistics industry and how those experiences reveal the real heart and soul of Siemens Mobility.

Empowering Authenticity at Siemens Mobility