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#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast - Episode 4

#PeoplewithPurpose - Episode 4 - Building an Exceptional Employee Experience at Panduit

In this episode of #PeoplewithPurpose, Steve Amsden is joined by Patricia Liotta, VP Human Resources, and Ana Aleman, VP Marketing, at Panduit. The current war for talent has caused Panduit, a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure solutions, to look inward and ask and answer the hard questions. Is their employee experience what it should be to retain top talent? For Patti, Ana, and the whole team at Panduit, an exceptional employee experience translates into empathic leadership, well-laid out career paths, and feeling good about who you are and how you contribute every day at work, among many other considerations.

Listen as Ana and Patti describe how Panduit listens closely to applied employee feedback in unique and unexpected ways. They provide real-world examples of creating experiences that let employees know they are valued and discuss empowering leaders to make the necessary changes. Finally, they give excellent advice to young graduates, especially women, seeking careers in manufacturing. Tune into #PeoplewithPurpose to learn more about how to create an exceptional employee experience.

Building an Exceptional Employee Experience at Panduit