#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast Episode 2
#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast - Episode 2

The Business of Connection - How Sponsorships at W.L. Gore Promote Inclusion

In this episode of #PeoplewithPurpose, Steve Amsden is joined by Natalie Crawford, Global Leader, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Kristen Bruner, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, at W.L. Gore & Associates. Natalie, Kristen, and Steve discuss sponsorship/mentorship for associates and employees and how that has helped attract and retain diverse talent.

Gore's fundamental belief in the individual is well illustrated in their sponsorship program and is an excellent way to weave inclusion into the everyday functioning of the company. Kristen and Natalie also give great advice to new graduates on finding a career with purpose. Join the podcast for a deep dive on what sponsorship is, best practices, lessons learned, and perhaps, most importantly, the true KPI of sponsorship - connection.

The Business of Connection - How Sponsorships at Gore Promote Inclusion