#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast Episode 1
#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast - Episode 1

Leading with Inclusion at Vitesco Technologies - A Call with Steve, Trisha, and Florencia

In this episode of #PeoplewithPurpose, Steve Amsden is joined by Trisha Sokol, Head of Human Relations, US & Canada, and Florencia Stanfield, Chief Diversity Officer, at Vitesco Technologies. They discuss the ongoing process of building and maintaining a culture of inclusion, both on a day-to-day and strategic basis. Included in this process is a focus on upskilling underrepresented talent through individualized development plans and ensuring the Vitesco Technologies leadership team is exposed to this diverse talent globally across the company. Finally, Trisha and Florencia give sage advice to new graduates on finding a career with purpose. Take a listen for an inside look at how this top company is leading with inclusion.

#PeoplewithPurpose Podcast