HR's Role in Productivity and Branding

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In this issue, HR's Role in Productivity and Branding, Katy Theroux, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing, for NCI Building Systems, shares insight into how aligning workforce and business strategies can drive business results.

Theroux explores the many sides of HR and discusses how to align workforce and business strategies to cultivate a stronger employment brand with these three essential reminders:

  • Your brand is in every connection. Pay close attention with interactions and engagements, because these are the heart and soul of your employment brand.
  • Employer Value Proposition is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Take time, research and interaction to create an authentic and genuine EVP.
  • Ensure your employment brand story is strong on all digital platforms. Job seekers are smarter and more resourceful than ever, and will look closely at your employment brand when researching your business.

"Employer branding has the potential to differentiate us at a time when it is still so hard to find talent," said Theroux. She explains that job seekers are looking for jobs just like they shop on Amazon: they research, compare, and look at the data. "This means we must consider how many places job seekers can gather insights on our organization and brands. We need to think about and address the many digital places where they are going to access our brand and present a clear picture of who we are as an employer and a place to develop one's career."

HR's Role in Productivity and Branding