Efficiency & Engagement in Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Trendsetters - Winning Strategies from Talent Acquisition Leaders

TA Trendsetters is an Orion Talent publication dedicated to exploring how industry experts are boosting productivity, precision, and predictability.

In this issue, Efficiency & Engagement in Talent Acquisition, Malaika Kattke, Human Resources Director, Corporate and Field Operations at QAD shares effective recruitment tools and insights on maximizing efficiency within the industry.

Kattke explains how to improve the talent acquisition process by engaging her team and recruiting talent. Here is a summary of the winning strategies for talent acquisition efficiency and success:

  • Tools and systems will make or break your candidate and hiring manager experiences.
  • Quality is better than quantity when it comes to candidates.
  • Know your plan before investing in HR tools or technology.

Kattke sums up the Efficiency and Engagement Excellence with her finalizing statement, "As long as you have a truthful and worthwhile story to tell potential employees, you have the opportunity to build a community of talented people who are interested in supporting your mission and company, either by working for you or referring their colleagues to your opportunities."

Efficiency & Engagement in Talent Acquisition