Look Out! Disruption and the Future Ahead

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In this issue, Look Out! Disruption and the Future Ahead, David Pollard, CEO of PredictiveHR explores disruptors within talent acquisition and gives insight into innovation in the recruitment industry.

Pollard shares his thoughts on biggest disruptors and innovations across the talent acquisition space, including insights about what's to come. Here is a summary of key points from David on the changes occurring across our quickly evolving industry:

  • Speed is the most important thing. The growing use of technology has created a quick hiring cycle, proving that fast is the only way to work.
  • Boundaries are coming down between personal and professional networks. The progressive use of social media has changed companies' behaviors and the way we engage with candidates and clients.
  • Artificial Intelligence is changing the game. AI is essential in helping companies connect and analyze data and make talent management choices.

"I think we are going to see continued disruption by RPO. Why? Because RPO firms are better at recruiting than most internal HR teams, and they are on the cutting edge of technology," said Pollard. He explains how efficient RPO is to companies, and the many companies that are merging in order to consolidate processes, data, and systems, "and should expect more consolidation and technology-driven RPO models on the horizon."

Disruption and the Future Ahead