Call To Order Podcast - Episode 19

Veteran Success in the Semiconductor Industry

Call To Order, an Orion Talent Podcast

More than 6,000 of Junior Military Officer, Military Technician, and Industry experienced candidates have been hired into various roles within the Semiconductor industry. We've worked several of the leading semiconductor companies including Intel, Samsung, TSMC, ASML, Lam, KLA, Qorvo, and many others nationwide.

Dan Rosabal, Navy Veteran and Field Support Manager joins the podcast to discuss his 20+ year career with KLA. Topics Include:

  • How Orion helped Dan find a career with KLA more than 20 years ago
  • His career progression from Technical Instructor to Field Support
  • Why veterans are a good fit for careers in the semiconductor industry
  • Why KLA partners with Orion to find top talent

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