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  • How to Navigate COVID-related Hiring Obstacles with Outsourced Recruiting - Part 2

Last week, we reviewed several new challenges COVID has presented to the recruiting world. But, in talking with our customers, there is one overwhelming item that has not changed - the need for good talent!

If companies are going to survive and grow in this environment, they will need to staff their business with good people. This week, let's review how an outsourced recruiting solution can help you navigate these challenges and ensure you are bringing the best talent into your organization.


  • How can I scale up with multiple hires over a month or two, when I don't have an idea of what I will need after that initial ramp-up period?
  • How can I find a recruiting partner that knows my business and can quickly adjust to the hiring demands of the business?
  • What type of provider can fill ten positions in one month and fifty in the following months, while keeping the same cost-per-hire?

An outsourced recruiting solution will solve these problems. It will give you unlimited flexibility, helping you navigate this uncertain market. Ultimately, you pay for the assistance you need! Through this solution, recruiters are assigned to a project based on the needs of the business, and we can scale up or down as needed.


  • How do I find the best talent for my organization while maintaining a reasonable budget?

Overall, cost is always a concern, but now it is more important than ever. The average cost for a hire through a fee-per-hire solution is around 23%. Adding a full-time Recruiter to your team will cost salary and benefits. An outsourced solution will limit wasted resources and typically reduce costs by 35%. Your cost savings are multiplied when you combine this with the flexibility discussed above.


  • What is driving candidate decisions?
  • Who are the major competitors for a particular skill set?
  • What is the average salary for the candidates we are looking for?

Experience leads to knowledge. Recruiters supporting outsourced solutions have built their careers around finding great talent. On average, our recruiters have 17 years of experience and they are in the trenches talking with candidates every day. This gives them the ability to understand the market.

Recently, our team was able to provide a customer with average salaries offered across five markets - information that will assist them in being competitive in those areas. Experienced recruiters are worth every penny. In addition to finding the best talent, they will shorten time-to-hire, energize your hiring process, provide you with knowledge of the markets, information on competitors, and any other data that is impacting your ability to compete for the best people while at the same time freeing up time for you to focus on other high priority initiatives.


  • How can I utilize top recruiting technology?

Through an outsourced solution, you will automatically have access to tools that will expand your reach within the candidate market and help create a better experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platforms, data reporting software, applicant tracking systems and tools to help market your business are all available and will be managed through an outsourced recruiting partner. Combine this with experienced recruiters and you are putting yourself in the best possible position to attract and hire the best talent on the market.


  • What if we already have an effective Applicant Tracking System?
  • Will I lose control of my process?

Not with Orion Talent! Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your team, technology, and environment. If you have an existing one, we will integrate our team into your system. Our goal is to provide tools & technology when needed, and to have our team of recruiters becomes an extension of your vision. This process-driven approach results in an average cycle time reduction of 15 days and over 90% hiring manager satisfaction rating with our customers.

So, what is the competitive advantage of outsourcing your recruiting, especially during the current economic environment?

The answer is straightforward - where else can you maintain control of your Talent Acquisition strategy through a cost-effective solution that provides experienced recruiters and access to technology, while also providing flexibility in an uncertain market? Recruitment Processing Outsourcing from Orion Talent is the answer. Visit How to Navigate COVID-related Hiring Obstacles with Outsourced Recruiting to learn more about these RPO Solutions.




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