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With social distancing mandates and stay at home orders still in effect for many states due to the public health emergency of COVID-19, many veterans and transitioning military are finding themselves with extra time. If you do not have other obligations, use this time to read a book from our suggested reading list.

Over the years we’ve seen a significant difference in the success rates of military job seekers who have invested the time to read professional books and materials as they prepared for their transition versus those who chose not to. Whether you are leaving the service in two weeks or two years, reading professional literature will enhance your knowledge of Corporate America and ensure you are as prepared as possible for an interview.

The investment you make now will pay dividends when you interview. You will be more comfortable in an interview setting and will be able to better articulate your background and professional experience to an interviewer. Be careful not to inundate yourself with literature to the point where you are simply reading books without retaining the knowledge. It’s better to pick a few books and concentrate on understanding, learning, and applying the material.

We have divided our reading lists into the following categories:

Transition Topics
Interview Preparation
Leadership and Management
Manufacturing and Engineering

We encourage you to choose a book from a category that interests you, or one that you are unfamiliar with to help expand your knowledge and also gain a better understanding of the topic.

Along with our extensive reading list, we also have a transition resource guide to help you navigate the military transition process. If you are ready to take the next step, register on our site to start speaking with a Recruiter today.


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