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Orion has partnered with JDog to provide exclusive franchise opportunities for honorably discharged Veterans and Military family members. The company is seeking motivated entrepreneurs to own and operate a franchise, backed by JDog’s proven business model and all of the support you need to be successful. JDog franchise opportunities include JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning.

JDog was founded by a Veteran with the goal of helping Veterans experience business ownership by running their own franchise, employing fellow Veterans, ultimately reducing Veteran unemployment to less than 1%. As a JDog franchise owner, you will join the extended Military family the company has created, and continue to serve by serving your community.

Why do Veterans make great entrepreneurs? JDog’s blog post, “Why We Choose Our Heroes,” highlights the qualities and skills that Military candidates possess that make them ideal for franchise ownership, including:

Ingrained Ethos: Respect, Integrity, and Trust are expected in the Military. As you deal with customers and employees, these values will serve you very well.

Leadership: Business owners are leaders. Whatever their position in the Military, service members have experience with a variety of leaders who show different styles of leadership.

Discipline: One of the first skills gained in the Military is discipline. Discipline is also beneficial for business owners because it is essential for smooth operations and making success more attainable.

Commitment to Serving: As an entrepreneur, you are serving customers. Whether selling goods or offering services, you act for the benefit of a customer. While Military members fulfill their duties, they are acting with the benefit of our country in mind.

Support System: During their time in the Military, Veterans had a tight knit brotherhood and sisterhood they could depend on. Particularly when a Veteran joins a franchise, a support system is provided to encourage success and create comradery. When Veterans join JDog Brands, they join our brotherhood and sisterhood of others who have served their country.

View the full blog post here.

Visit JDog online to learn more about franchise opportunities, and complete this form to speak with a JDog franchise specialist.

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