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Last month, Orion hosted a live #OrionChat on Twitter with Lee Temple, Sales Manager at Schlumberger, and Steve Casey, VP of Client Solutions at Orion Talent, about veterans in the oil and gas industry. The chat was a vibrant discussion with important takeaways for companies in the oil and gas industry considering hiring veterans.  Orion has long espoused the value of veterans in this industry and proudly serves these companies across all segments with a full suite of recruiting solutions.
Casey, who has worked with clients in the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years, explains in the #OrionChat, ”Managers in the industry always tell me they want self-disciplined, reliable, hard-working, initiative-taking, get your hands ‘dirty’, technically capable and TRAINABLE people, who WANT to learn and grow.”
“Veterans’ ability to learn fast, manage complex projects, and their experience leading people in tough environments all put them well ahead of their peers,” he continues. Temple agrees, “We have seen many significant advantages due to the responsibility, discipline, work ethic, and leadership skills that most veterans have ingrained in them. The ideas and thought processes that veterans possess have also caused significant changes in how we operate.” Temple goes so far as to say that veterans have saved more than one life in his chain of command structure based on the medical training they brought to the job.
Casey and Temple also agree that, in addition to the many operator and technical positions for which veterans are well-suited, they also fulfill roles including engineers, finance, chemists, HR professionals, and many other degreed positions. Read the full #OrionChat here for the full discussion.
Our latest #OrionChat reinforces that veterans are the answer to many recruiting issues facing the oil & gas industry today. Regardless of the challenge you are facing - from high turnover and lack of returning industry experienced workers, to decentralized hiring staff, or high recruitment costs - Orion can present you with creative pricing options that will bring qualified military candidates to the table. We have provided over 7,500 Veteran hires to the Oil & Gas industry look forward to continuing to help power this industry. Learn more about our solutions here.

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