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  • It’s Time to Rethink Your Onboarding Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]
Thanks to a wide array of online platforms, today’s job seekers have many ways to quickly apply to a variety of positions. This, coupled with a very low unemployment rate, means it is more important than ever to engage newly hired candidates from the very beginning and rethink your onboarding strategy. Too often, employers close the book on the hiring process once an offer is accepted, rather than focusing on the importance of continued engagement and onboarding to ensure a successful hire.
Our latest infographic explores this topic and gives three keys to successful onboarding, including discussing next steps, providing the tools for success, and mitigating issues as soon as they arise. It is imperative that employers start early and communicate well, or they  will  lose  top  talent.  Candidates  who are   engaged   and   committed  right from the start are less likely to keep looking.
Check out our new infographic to learn more about implementing a successful onboarding strategy right from the start.