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Build Your Veteran Outreach Solution Online

Thursday, February 21, 2019
You already know that military job seeker quality is second to none. As demonstrated by our 2018 Veteran Hiring Survey: Exploring the Bottom-line Value of Hiring Veteran Talent, you know they possess experience, have demonstrated performance in high-stress situations, and are graduates of the nation's military academies, top colleges, and leading technical schools. But how do you reach these candidates if you don’t have the resources (time, budget, or personnel) to build out a full veteran recruiting program?
Companies large and small are discovering that the answer is an Orion Talent Veteran Outreach Package. With our targeted email campaigns, job postings, and podcasts Orion Talent will position your company as a great place for Veterans to work, and educate qualified military applicants on your company and available opportunities. We specialize in creating a customized solution specifically for each customer to drive the RIGHT military talent into your pipeline. So, who can you reach through Orion Talent?
Our Proprietary Database of Candidates
The quality of our talent sets us apart. 83% of our Enlisted candidates have a Technical background (Nuclear, Electronics, Electrical, or Mechanical), and 38% of our Junior Military Officer candidates are Service Academy graduates or have an Engineering degree. The majority of our candidates are preparing for an upcoming transition from the military, or are less than 4 years post-separation. How exactly can you reach this top talent?
Customize your Veteran Outreach Online with these Solutions
Targeted Emails
We have 20+ data points on each of the 600,000+ military job seekers within our database. Your message will be targeted to reach those candidates whose backgrounds and military experience are likely to be a match for your open positions.
Job Postings
We will post your positions to reach our network of 600,000+ highly qualified military candidates. Our job search is highly visible, shared among peers, and is search engine optimized to attract military and veteran job seekers who suit your needs.
Podcast Production and Promotion
Orion will interview a member of your leadership team and/or a successful veteran within your company. Podcast will be featured on the Orion website, SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, FM Player, and more.
Build a 30-Day Campaign
For maximum exposure for your hard-to-fill positions, we will build a campaign to drive targeted traffic into your pipeline. We will create a landing page with information on your company and available opportunity, with content targeted to appeal to military and veteran job seekers.
Orion Talent's Military and Veteran Outreach solutions will lead to tangible results as your workforce is positively impacted with new Veteran hires. Visit us online to purchase a package and get started immediately or contact us to receive a customized proposal.

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