Artur Landa - Military to Civilian Transition

Production Planner, Voltaix, Inc.
US Navy, Engineman, Petty Officer - Third Class

Orion helped me find a job at Voltaix, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, as a Chemical Operator in March 2008 a month after separating from the Navy. Two years later, I was promoted to Production Planner, and I continue to enjoy my career with Voltaix.

In the military, I was an E-4 stationed in San Diego, CA, on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. As an Engineman, my job in the Navy was to work on diesel engines. Just like a mechanic works on a car, I used to work on boats.

I'm currently enrolled in the City University of New York - Staten Island, pursuing a B.S. in Economics. One of my reasons for joining the Navy was to have my education paid for, so the GI Bill is covering my education. I believe that in order to be competitive in work force you need to have college degree.

When it came time to separate, I decided to settle back in my hometown in New York. I moved back with my parents for short time until I found a place to live. I really had an easy transition from the military into the civilian world, because, with the help of Orion, I was able to secure a job fairly quickly and get settled in.

When Orion scheduled an interview for me with Voltaix, I looked up the company online to see what their mission was. It is a good practice for an interview to know what the company does and what their goals are, so you can ask question about that when being interviewed. This shows that you took the time to research the company and came to the interview prepared.

As a Production Planner, I plan and prepare production schedules and workflow while addressing any delays or unforeseen conditions. My military experience helps me even today in this industry, because it taught me to always work safely, pay attention to details, and to always be on time. Safely working on engines was a huge part of my military career and was the most important part of the job. If safety was not followed there was possibility of getting hurt or losing a finger or even worse. In fact, I think my military background prepared me for any job I could have accepted.

Do not fear the transition, it is different life style but you will adjust. Again, veterans have the ability to learn any job they are given, even if they do not have any experience doing it. We are taught to pay attention to details, and, most importantly, to do a job safely.