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How Orion Helped These Veterans Transition into JDog Franchise Ownership

Transitioning into the civilian workforce is daunting, which is why hundreds of Veterans have chosen the route of franchise ownership with JDog Brands - the largest Veteran owned franchise system in America. They offer two different business models: JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care. Three Veterans, in particular, changed their careers with the help of Orion Talent and are now successful franchise business owners.

“I Appreciated the Genuine Connection to the Military” - Derek Maier

Derek Maier, U.S. Army Veteran and owner of JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Black Hills, was searching for a job through Orion Talent after separating from the military when he saw information about JDog Brands. He was intrigued by “the genuine connection to the military and JDog’s commitment to franchisees’ success and ongoing support.” 

Becoming a business owner was no easy feat, but Maier now enjoys the hard work that comes with being your own boss and the physical shape it keeps you in; “The hard, physical work is like a gym workout with every job and trailer”. 

Maier encourages other Veterans searching for new career opportunities to not limit yourself to what you think your skill set can accomplish; look for alternative opportunities. “I must have seen JDog at least a hundred times through various emails and social media posts, until I talked to Terry Corkery, VP of Franchise Development at JDog Brands, I didn’t understand the whole opportunity.”

“The Support You Receive Will Surprise You” - Bryan Potts

Maier is just one of many Veterans that joined the JDog movement. Bryan Potts, U.S. Army Veteran and owner of JDog Junk Removal & Hauling NE Tarrant County, was using Orion to explore his options for management positions in the corporate world when he read an email about owning a JDog franchise. He quickly decided to change course and research franchise opportunities. 

“The first thing that I noticed about JDog that was different from other franchises was the lower start up price. After attending Discovery Day and meeting the staff in the corporate office, we were confident in our decision to own our own JDog.”

Now, Potts and his family are running a successful business and impacting their community along the way. “The most rewarding aspect is having my wife as a co-owner and being responsible for every aspect of the success of the business.”

Potts hopes that other Veterans currently considering franchising will look into the opportunities that JDog provides. “Go for it! The support you will receive from the corporate office, fellow JDogs, and local community will surprise you. The freedom to maneuver cannot be beat!”

“It Coincides With My Own Mission, Vision, and Values” - Joshua Coleman

When Joshua Coleman, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran and owner of JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Vancouver, WA, signed up for Orion emails in 2014 after leaving the service, he had no idea that it could change his life 8 years later. Coleman started his business ownership journey once he filled out the form in a monthly newsletter from Orion.

He knew that he could align with JDog because the mission, vision, and values coincided with his! Coleman believes that the most rewarding part of the job is being able to “provide furniture and homeware to Veterans and Refugees free of charge.”

Being a part of the JDog franchise system allows you to have the support of not only the corporate office but also all of the franchise owners nationwide. Coleman encourages other Veterans interested in buying a JDog franchise to “listen to other franchisees on their experiences. Be willing to try new things and adapt when necessary.” 

If you are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship with JDog Brands, learn more on their Franchising website and complete this form if you’d like to speak to a franchise specialist about owning your own business. 

PODCAST: Developing Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Developing and leveraging your personal brand on social media can help you open more doors in your job search. Hiring managers receive a large volume of job applications, and you must find a way to stand out from the faceless crowd. By having a clear online message of who you are, you have the opportunity to convey your identity to the hiring manager and improve your chances of standing out from the very beginning. 

In this episode of From the Battlefield to the Boardroom podcast, we discuss how to define your personal brand and its importance, tips for creating a personal brand, how to use social media to convey your brand, and common pitfalls that job seekers fall prey to while navigating social media.

To develop a personal brand, it is important to understand exactly what the term means in the social media space. The term “brand” can be a bit of a misnomer. A brand is more about the followers of a content than the content itself. In social media, a brand is defined as how you are identified, how you are seen as unique, and how that identity can help you improve your reputation and ultimately your following.

The best way to get started in building a personal brand is to first determine why you’re doing it, and have a good reason. Get rid of the “distractions”  in your social media presence, and have a clear message of who you are, which will help build your identity. A “distraction” would be something on your page not related to the core focus, whatever that may be.

The best social media platform to convey a professional personal brand is LinkedIn. Consistently engage with the platform, and visit the site multiple times a day, liking, sharing, and commenting on content that is relevant to your interests. 

However, it’s not enough to just be a passive participant on social media. The most valuable thing you can do is create original content by posting. A good topic could be “what my military career has taught me that applies in today’s environment.” You can go one step further and even proactively “answer” interview questions in a post. This practice is extremely beneficial to your job search, since it allows you to practice answers to standard interview questions while also building your personal brand.

There are some practices that military job seekers should keep in mind when engaging in social media. There are a few social media topics to avoid, including posting any political or religious content, volunteering private, personal information, and avoiding coarse or crude language. A good rule of thumb is to think of your social media as an extension of what you would say in an interview.

For military job seekers, social media can prove you’re human, dispelling the military stereotype that service members are robotic, cold, and unfeeling. You can use social media to bring a personal element to the job search, and it is one of the best ways to connect with Hiring Managers.

For more help developing your social media presence and to use social media like a pro, listen to the full episode, read our blog on how to use social media in your job search, and connect with us on our social platforms to find out more about current job opportunities, relevant news to your job search, and more.

Careers with Advanced Drainage Systems

Orion has partnered with Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) to provide rewarding careers for transitioning military, military veterans, and skilled professionals. ADS is a leading manufacturer of corrugated pipe and other high-performance products. Their innovative products are used across non-residential, residential, agricultural, and various other infrastructures.

As the second largest plastic recycling company in North America, ADS recycles over 550 million pounds of plastic, avoiding over 730 million pounds of greenhouse gas. Their focus is on creating water management solutions that make land more arable, cities more livable and the world a greener place to live.

ADS operates a global network of 3,700 employees, 55 manufacturing plants and 33 distribution centers. They work to provide society with sustainable, longer-lasting water management solutions that allow people to continue to live their lives comfortably and to be healthy. 

ADS prides themselves on fostering an environment that gives every employee resources to learn and develop skills that lead to new opportunities. From leadership training that incorporates emotional intelligence to a strong code of ethics, ADS empowers their employees to do the best work they can. 

We are currently recruiting nationwide for the following positions with ADS:

Production Associates

Yard Loader/Forklift Operator

Line Operator

Manufacturing Process and Asset Specialist

Production Hauler

Maintenance Technician


ADS offers medical, dental, vision, prescription drug coverage, FSA, retirement, short and long term disability, life insurance and life & accidental death & dismemberment insurance. Living a healthy life with the ability to achieve success, both professionally and personally, is what ADS team members want for themselves, and what ADS wants for its team members. 

Additional benefits include employee assistance programs, paid vacation, company paid holidays, tuition and professional development reimbursement, scholarship program and work/life balance.

To get started with a career at ADS, visit our website to learn more and apply to be considered for our current openings.

Job Alerts for Diversity Jobs

The Orion Talent Diversity Job Board offers more than 30,000 career opportunities for diverse job seekers in a wide range of industries. Subscribe to alerts tailored to your interests with employers that foster a workplace of diversity and inclusion!

A diversity job board lists career opportunities from companies seeking to hire from underrepresented groups. The goal of these job boards is to equitably foster the recruitment and placement of diverse talent.

What qualifies someone as a diverse candidate?

Diversity candidates can include minorities, women, people with disabilities, individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community, and members of other underrepresented groups. In a broader sense, many companies consider a diverse candidate to be someone who brings a unique perspective to the workplace.

Do employers have to hire minorities?

Although they are not required to seek out diverse employees, almost every private company is required to be an equal opportunity employer. This means they are not allowed to discriminate against minorities in their hiring, firing, or workplace policies.

Why do companies hire for diversity?

Companies that hire diverse candidates gain a wide range of perspectives that create a more creative, empowered company environment. Through the creation of better employee experiences, they become more competitive and innovative.

We are proud to work with industry-leading partners like Hertz, Expedia Group, CVS Health, Campbell's who are seeking to offer exciting careers to diverse talent.

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VA Refinance Loan FAQ with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage


Orion has partnered with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage to provide exclusive VA home loan benefits to our veteran job seekers and alumni. Through this partnership you will receive the same loan rate and better fees than Mutual of Omaha Mortgage employees receive, as well as no lender fees and generous rebates.

If you are a homeowner currently utilizing a VA loan, Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage has answered some of the frequently asked questions about VA refinance loans.


What is a VA streamline refinance?
The VA streamline refinance loan is also known as the VA IRRRL. The VA streamline refinance is often a simple loan process because the borrowers are refinancing from one VA mortgage loan to another VA loan. This loan is often also referred to as VA-to-VA Loan. A VA streamline refinance is not available to homeowners who do not currently have a VA mortgage loan. The VA streamline refinance loan does not require that the borrowers occupy the home which is currently financed with a VA mortgage product.

What is a VA IRRRL?
The VA IRRRL loan is also known as the VA refinance or the VA streamline refinance. The acronym IRRL stands for interest rate refinance reduction loan. The VA IRRRL loan or VA streamline refinance is a special type of refinance loan made available by the VA Loan Guaranty program. The VA IRRRL loan is a fixed-rate refinance loan program. This loan is ideal for homeowners who currently have a VA mortgage loan who are looking to lower their monthly interest rate.

Can you refinance a VA loan?
Yes, if you are currently a homeowner whose property is financed via a VA mortgage loan you can apply for a conventional, FHA or VA refinance. Depending on the rate and terms a borrower is seeking, they have the option to review any type of refinance loan to replace their current VA mortgage loan.

How soon can you refinance a VA loan?
Depending on the level of risk associated with a borrower, most lenders would typically require the homeowner have their current VA mortgage loan for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying for a refinance. Payment history is one of the most crucial factors in determining a borrower's risk level for a VA refinance.

Can I refinance my mortgage with a VA loan?
Yes, if you are actively serving military, honorable discharge, veteran or the surviving spouse of any of the previous who is currently the borrower of a VA home loan you may refinance your property with a VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan. The VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan is only available to homeowners who currently have a VA mortgage loan. VA refinance loan products are not available to civilians or the general public.

Can I refinance a conventional loan to a VA loan?
Yes, a borrower who is eligible for VA benefits can refinance from a conventional loan to a VA loan. Although this is not typical, there is no restriction that prevents this. To be eligible for a VA loan a borrower must be actively serving in the U.S. military, have received an honorable discharge, be a veteran or the surviving spouse. If a borrower who currently has a conventional loan opts to refinance with a VA loan the loan process could take longer than average because different documentation will need to be reviewed that was not previously received and underwritten by a VA approved lender.

When to refinance a VA loan?
The decision to refinance a home should not be taken lightly. It is important for a homeowner to evaluate and determine their financial goals. If a homeowner is seeking the opportunity to lower their monthly interest rate or transition from an adjustable rate mortgage loan to a fixed rate program, then a refinance could be a great opportunity. Speaking with an experienced loan originator can help a borrower review their income, assets, and debt to determine if a refinance is the right decision.

How long does it take to refinance a VA loan?
If a VA borrower uses the VA IRRRL loan or VA streamline refinance, the entire process can be completed in 30 to 45 days. Although the VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan does not require income verification, in order for the VA refinance process to move forward, a borrower must have the following qualifications:

 - VA Loan eligibility of the borrower must have been used on the property intended for refinance
 - Most recent two years of W-2 statements to establish income
 - Ability to document current or previous occupancy of the property
 - Confirmation of currency on mortgage payments or no more than one late payment in the last 12 months

Visit us online to learn more about Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, and apply to get a personal loan offer from their knowledgeable team.

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Career Success with Orion

Podcast Series for Job Seekers

Have you tuned in to From the Battlefield to the Boardroom, our podcast series dedicated to supporting military job seekers? We have a variety of episodes covering everything from the civilian transition process to valuable insights and guidance from other Veterans and business leaders.

We've recently added podcasts, including:

153. 5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value During Your Job Search

152. What You Need to Know About a Career in Sales

151. Proven Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

150. Army Veteran Climbs the Ranks in the Restaurant Industry

149. Reducing the Stress of Relocation from the First Relocation to the Last

If you are ready to enter the interview process, visit our Interview Essentials page to sharpen your interview skills!


Visit us online to listen to all the episodes, and explore our podcast categories on each stage of the transition process. You can also subscribe via your favorite podcast platform or RSS feed, to automatically receive new episodes as they are released.

We'd love to feature your questions in our upcoming episodes. If you have any questions you'd like to hear us answer, click below to email us!

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Orion Talent is a customer-centric company focused on helping people discover meaningful careers and businesses grow by finding, delivering, and engaging the best talent around the world. As we continue to experience growth, we are seeking outstanding men and women to join our team. We are looking for individuals that are highly motivated, driven, energetic, and have a passion for helping industry-experienced candidates and veterans find the right career.

We are veterans, professionals, mothers, fathers, men, and women, all focused on one mission: To help people discover meaningful careers and businesses grow by finding, delivering, and engaging outstanding talent around the world.Orion offers its employees competitive salaries, and benefits including paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, medical, dental, and vision coverage, short- and long-term disability, health savings account (HSA), and 401(k) retirement plan.

Positions with Orion Talent

Below is a list of position descriptions for which we most frequently recruit. Be sure to check out each position's page to see if we are currently recruiting for that role and apply if interested. Alternatively, you can view a list of all of our current openings here.


Orion Talent is a proud participant of SkillBridge, a DoD program in which companies offer internships during a service member's last 180 days of Service. Learn more about Orion Talent internships.

Business Development Representative - Remote (CT or PT time zone preferred)

As a Business Development Representative, you will work with Orion’s Senior Sales Executives calling new leads and prospective customers. The Business Development Representative is meant to serve as a developmental role towards an Account Executive position. Orion will provide you with sales training and recruiting industry training to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in this role. You’ll report to either the Regional Sales Manager or National Business Development Account Executive. Learn more about this position and apply here.

Director, Professional Search - Cincinnati, OH

As the Director, Professional Search, you'll identify, grow, and retain accounts in your specific vertical, including Construction, Finance/Accounting, Medical, Technology, or IT, driving high customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and year over year improvement. The Professional Search team will work with established account managers within our Search Division to gain knowledge of and access to Orion Talent accounts that include over 15,000 clients and a 50,000+ alumni network. You will also leverage prior contacts and industry knowledge to discover new opportunities and grow revenue. Learn more about this position and apply here.

Account Manager - Remote; San Diego, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Virginia Beach, VA; Raleigh, NC; Austin, TX

As the Sales Account Manager, you will be responsible for engaging with Clients and Candidates in the planning, scheduling, coordination, communication, and proactive execution of hiring processes to ensure candidates get jobs. You will work with Account Executives, Clients, and Recruiters to proactively manage the hiring process with clients. Learn more about this position and apply here.

Accounts Receiveable Specialist - Remote

As an Accounts Receiveable Specialist, you'll process accounts receivable transactions, invoices, and deposits, manage collection efforts and associated functions, and perform month end reconciliations and reporting accurately. Learn more about this position and apply here.

Sales Account Manager - Remote

As the Sales Account Manager (SAM), you’ll be responsible for developing strategic employment solutions for B2B customers, develop and maintain strong active client relationships, and manage a sales pipeline. Achieve and exceed revenue goals. Understand employment advertising and talent solutions. Be involved in identifying and generating potential accounts that would benefit from our services. Develop and support relationships that promote engagement and presenting our offerings as you discover client’s hiring challenges. Learn more about this position and apply here.

RPO Recruiter - Remote; Austin, TX; Honolulu, HI

As a Recruiter on our RPO team, you'll be responsible for supporting client needs within various fields of business. You'll act as a consultant, advisor, and a true business partner to develop strategic solutions, creative recruiting and sourcing plans. Learn more about this position and apply here.
RPO Recruitment Operations Administrator - Remote
As a Recruitment Operations Administrator, you’ll be key to the success of our organization. You’ll support continued growth and success by partnering with our RPO recruiters in managing all administrative recruiting activities. You’ll be an integral part of our team, working to open job requisitions, schedule and facilitate interviews, maintain records, post to job boards, conduct background checks and drug screens, arrange travel (post COVID), draft offer letters - and any other administrative tasks needed. Learn more about this position and apply here.
RPO Recruiting Manager - Remote
As the RPO Recruiting Manager, you’ll be key to the success of our client programs and support Orion’s continued team growth. You’ll act as a consultant, advisor, and a true business partner with proven success in developing strategic solutions, creative recruiting and sourcing plans that enable both client and team success. You’ll lead an internal team of high performing recruiters in a fast-paced environment & ensure overall team success. Learn more about this position and apply here.
RPO Recruitment Marketing Lead - Remote; Cincinnati, OH; Raleigh, NC; Austin, TX; Houston, TX
As the Recruitment Marketing Lead, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the recruitment marketing strategy throughout the entire RPO lifecycle, from sales phase to solution design and implementation. You’ll create a marketing strategy specific for each RPO client, leading a brand evaluation on current client process to identify strengths as well as areas for improvement. You’ll interact heavily with client leadership, and project manage marketing strategy execution. Learn more about this position and apply here.
If Orion Talent sounds like the right place for you, tell us more about yourself here or contact Katie Mychalowych, Orion Talent Internal Talent Lead.

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