Product Manager

US Navy, O-3

During my job search, I spoke with two other JMO recruiting firms. Both seemed like high-pressure salesmen. They attempted to manage my expectations down and get me to interviews with little time to properly prepare. I felt they were more interested in ‘selling’ me to the first company that would bite rather than placing me with the right position.

It didn’t take me long to request those other recruiters to remove me from their files. Orion works with you as a partner in your job search. They will help you translate your skill set from military jargon to business jargon. They will listen to your goals and desires, and they will help place you in the right job.

The job market is a tough place these days. It is made more difficult for JMOs because modern Human Resource departments prescreen resumes for private business experience buzzwords, which will not appear on a military resume. Orion International is the partner that helped me break through those barriers and secure the position I wanted.