Store Manager Leadership Development Program

US Army, O-3

I left the military in May 2012. I originally began searching for jobs a few months prior to my release date; however, after three unsuccessful interviews, I became disheartened and put my search on hold for about six months. I began searching for jobs again in December 2012 and began working with Orion in February 2013.

My Orion recruiter was Sean Crittenden. I was constantly amazed at Sean's ability to maintain contact with me on a regular basis, even with his obviously very busy schedule. He always took the time to consider my concerns. I never felt he was rushed when he spoke to me, and I was never left wondering where I was in the process. Sean was fantastic.

I worked with another recruiting firm about a year ago. I only heard from my recruiter once and then never again, even though I tried to make contact with them. Alternatively, Orion has been with me every step of the way. Orion opened a door for me. Thanks to Orion, I now have my dream job!