Training Specialist

US Army, O-3

Todd Phillips was my recruiter, and he was great! He worked really hard to find the right fit for me. I was unable to relocate due to family reasons, and I was looking for a specific type of career. Todd was relentless in presenting me opportunities that were a match and not wasting my time with things that might not meet my needs. Todd and his team definitely helped prepare me for all the interview process and made me feel very comfortable.

I took a position as the Training Specialist with Intuitive. A similar parallel in the military would be training soldiers on how to do something technical, such as rifle marksmanship or set up of intelligence gathering equipment. At Intuitive, I will be training surgeons on the technical aspects and on the system set up of the daVinci system.

Orion helped me to use all the experiences I had in the military and civilian world and all the volunteer and community involvement I had while at home to find a perfect company for me. I do not think some other recruiting firms would have worked as hard for me since I had transitioned out of the military a while ago. Orion knew that those military experiences coupled with my civilian and volunteer experiences would help me stand out to a potential employer. I value that commitment and passion to find me a fantastic opportunity that I would not have secured on my own.

THANK YOU! The offer I received was exceptional, and I do hope to continue with Intuitive for a long time!