Production Supervisor

US Army, O-3

As I was transitioning out of the Army and into the civilian sector, I was researching recruiting firms that could assist in finding me future employment after my service obligation. With an ETS date of May 7, 2013, I began my search in December 2012. However, I was not making much progress in terms of getting past the first stages of the hiring process, nor was I finding the type of job I wanted with ease. 

Luckily, I heard about Orion International via word of mouth at one of my ACAP classes. My recruiters were Josh Williamson and Todd Phillips. They both treated me with the utmost respect, sincerity, and overall professionalism that I really doubt could be matched. Never once did I feel like they were trying to force me into a job. They had a very good understanding of my needs, wants, and wishes for my new job, and they matched those needs almost effortlessly and in a timely manner.

To say that Orion met my needs is an understatement. If you were to ask me four months ago if I would be working for a company like GE in the region of America that I wanted, I'd say that it was probably a pipe dream. However, through the connections and tutelage that Orion provided me, I know have a favorable path in front of me professionally and personally.

My hiring process through Orion was phenomenal from beginning to end. It was such a relief to have a company like Orion take such initiative to work with me and to help me find employment before I transitioned out of the Army. I have already recommended Orion to many of my friends.