Project Manager

South Central
US Army, O-3

My Orion recruiter was Brad Ward. He was amazing to work with. I initially interviewed with Brad on the phone while I was in Afghanistan. Upon my return from deployment I met with him in person and we further discussed the way ahead. It was decided the Houston conference in August 2012 was my best option. One week prior to the conference, I received a call from Dave Lehmkuhl, stating that United States Environmental Services in Baton Rouge was interested in interviewing me, and I was soon hired.

Orion far surpassed even my wildest expectations. I fully expected that getting a good paying job in my hometown would have been asking too much, but Orion helped me make that dream a reality. And, now after years of traveling the country with the Army, my family and I can finally go home. 

Orion is an all-star company that delivers world class service. I was coached and talked through every phase of the process, so nothing came as a surprise or took me off guard. I was given a professional but honest critique of my strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of the civilian job market, so I knew how to make myself a stronger candidate. Thanks to some solid preparation, help from Orion, and a good interview, I landed a great job in my top city of preference.