Senior Materials Planner

South Central
US Army, O-3

Orion International has been a wonderful supporter. I was discharged June 1, 2009, and worked in the contracting industry supporting the war fighters. However, I was looking for a career that would allow me to remain home for most the year. I was introduced to an Orion by a retired Navy Chief. From the time I got in contact with them, Orion maintained an open line of communication and tracked when my contract was complete. 

My recruiter was Bob Berkholz.  He took the time to get to know my skills, ambitions, and personality in order to identify career opportunities that would support my goals. During this time, I received several calls and emails about various opportunities. If I liked the company and job description, Bob sent my information on to the Account Executive of the searching company.

Chris Davis was the Account Executive who worked with me. He contacted me for my initial phone interview to determine if I was a good candidate for the position. This process gave me the support and confidence that the career opportunities I was introduced were a good fit.

The hiring process through Orion was easy. I submitted my general resume, and Orion helped me re-write as necessary for hiring conferences or position opportunities. I also had several phone interviews that lead to in-person interviews prior to hiring decisions. The position I have accepted consisted of a call from my recruiter describing the opportunity, a phone interview with an Orion Account Executive, two phone interviews from the company representatives, a four-and-half-hour in-person interview at the company headquarters, and three more phone interviews. 

The continual support that Orion showed was a positive experience that lined me up with a career that supports both my personal and professional ambitions. I believe that Orion set me up with better career opportunities than other firms in that the career opportunities were stronger matches to what I was looking for in a permanent career. I believe it was because my recruiter took additional time to get to know me and my professional interests better.

My first day of work was September 17, 2012. I was unemployed for six-and-a-half weeks before obtaining my new career. If Orion did not exist, I would still be unemployed and searching for a job. My deepest gratitude goes out to all Orion International representatives!