Maintenance Planner

US Army, O-3

Todd Phillips was my recruiter, and he was absolutely excellent!  He listened to everything I told him about my lifestyle at this time and made sure to match me up with companies that made sense with my lifestyle at this time.  

I was a Captain in the Army and worked in the Brigade S4 shop (Logistics) and as a Maintenance Platoon Leader and Distributions Platoon Leader. The latter job lends itself well to my new position at Land O' Lakes as a Maintenance Planner. I feel prepared going into this job, knowing that yes, there will be much more I will learn, but I am not going in blind.

I cannot thank Orion enough for their help.  I had applied for jobs online and was getting no responses or feedback, but with Orion, I received feedback quickly, and the companies got to see a face with the resume.   I received a job right away with an amazing company that is really too good to be true! Thank you, Orion!