Quality Supervisor

US Army, O-3

Orion did an excellent job preparing me for interviews, matching me with good positions in exciting companies, and organizing exceptionally well planned and prepared job conferences.  Orion matched me with positions that were in line with my job, salary, and location preferences, and were always quick to answer any questions. 

Jim Freeze is the first person I met from Orion, and he was very helpful in answering my initial questions, explaining the Orion process, and getting me started on resume construction and general research.  Todd Phillips was the event coordinator in Chicago and was also very helpful preparing me for the job conference and ensuring I was set up for success.  He lined me up with a variety of positions at variety of companies, but all of them accurately reflected my preferences.  He also ensured I had enough time to do my own company research prior to the conference, and he was always quick to answer questions and offer advice. 

After my first direct contact with Orion, I lost any immediate interest in other firms.  With Orion’s help, I found employment so quickly that I never had time to doubt that first instinct. My experience with Orion has been very successful. I am now happily employed, in a location I enjoy, in a company that I can grow in over the long term.   I recommend Orion to every transitioning officer I know.