Production Supervisor

US Army, O-3

I graduated from Drexel University in June 1999 and left the Army as an Ordnance Captain this summer. I began looking for jobs in February of this year and had heard about Orion International when I was stationed in Korea the year prior. I sent my resume to Chris Hurst, and then he sent me several job opportunities. I went to a hiring conference and accepted a follow-up interview with Tyco Healthcare. I received an offer and quickly accepted it, and I will hold the position of Production Supervisor when I begin.

Chris treated me very well, and never once asked me to change my location preference. That was a big deal to me, because other recruiters wanted to push me to different locations. Halfway through the process, my desired location changed, and Chris immediately adjusted found me new opportunities. It was awesome!

I had been working with other recruiters who tried to push me into a conference setting around big cities, not in my desired location. Orion was the most flexible with my needs compared to other recruiting firms, and Chris worked with me to make sure I had opportunities even if I couldn’t attend hiring conferences. That was a plus. Orion even helped my wife, also a JMO, find a job! I’ve recommended them to others I know who are thinking about getting out of the military.